Tad & Drex’s Merry Little Christmas Families

We have reached our goal for Tad & Drex’s Merry Little Christmas!!

Banks Family

The Banks’ are a loving family of four, who believe that Jesus Christ is our lord and savior and through him all things are possible. If you can’t catch them at home, you’re more than likely to find them on the ball field or at church. This year has been one tough cookie for all of us. In January of 2020 Mrs. Banks was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, which became a life-changing experience financially, physically and mentally. They’ve taken a lot of L’s (losses) as their 12-year-old would say, but one thing has remained the same: their love for one another and faith that God will soon bring them out of this. The Banks family has two children, 12 and 7 years old.

Baxley Family

Maddison is four years old who is autistic, ADHD, epileptic, has severe eczema, an eating disorder, environmental and food allergies, sleeping disorder and sleep apnea. She has had a very difficult life for such a young child. Her father also suffers from medical issues and a disability. Angela is a Special Needs Paraprofessional, always helping other and ensuring the best care possible for those around her both at home and at work. The Baxley family has been dealing with major medical bills and day-to-day expenses going up due to these medical concerns, and this Christmas they want to give Maddison a holiday to remember!

Blankenship Family

JB (Justin) served the community as an officer with the City of Covington Police Department and while on duty, suffered a heart attack that ended his law enforcement career. At the end of September of this year, he had a stroke which has, once again, has taken him out of work at a medical supply company until at least January, and impacted his ability to juggle bills, expenses and provide Christmas for his 12-year-old son. JB is currently has working to regain his strength and going through speech therapy. He hopes to give his son a Merry Christmas this year.

Coggins Family

This year Michael, a single father, had to choose between working full-time and school due to virtual learning for his sons. It was even more difficult for his middle son, who is autistic, which makes learning from home even more of a challenge. They were about to lose our home and the bills have ben piling up while Michael tried to work out alternative schedules with the school so he could return to work full time. Due to the uncertainty of this year and the complications it has brought, catching up with the bills will take a long time and will not leave anything for Christmas. Gabriel is 8 years old, Christopher is almost 6 and Michael is 10.

Connor Family

Rebecca has four amazing kids who are 10, 8, 6, and 1. They have had a rough couple of years with Rebecca stuck in an abusive relationship. Due to finances, COVID-19 and lack of family to help them out of a difficult environment, she made the decision to contact a domestic violence shelter, where they currently reside. Unfortunately, that meant they had to leave most of our possessions behind, including toys for the kids.

Fuller Family

The Fullers have always been a family that does whatever it takes to make their five teenage children happy. A couple years ago, they became a one-income family due to his fiancé becoming disabled. Since then placing, just one gift under the tree for their children and seeing the disappointment in their eyes has been heart breaking. Adding to their concerns, 2020 has been difficult and a medical issue with David has created more financial stress. The Fuller family has five children ages 14, 15, 15, 18, and 19.

Jackson Family

The Jackson family’s three boys, Mickey (18), Casey (16) and Jake-Presley (5), recently lost their father. They were finally settling into their new normal, without dad, when 2020 hit the family hard. Heather’s work as a sales rep has been adversely affected by the pandemic, cutting her income dramatically. Then the family fell ill, testing positive for COVID-19. The entire family has been fighting a variety of symptoms since Thanksgiving and continuing to make a difficult situation this year, even harder.

McPherson Family

The McPherson “Fierce” Four have always faced life’s challenges together! The family relocated last year to be closer to Mr. McPherson’s job so that the family could be together more. Due to Covid-19, he was let go from that that job and spent time in the hospital for heart-related health issues. Mrs. McPherson was also recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing surgeries and chemotherapy. Both parents are lifelong educators, dedicating their lives and risking their health to teach in-person in a public school so that they can overcome the financial challenges that this year and their health issues have created for the family, but these challenges mean their 15 and 12-year old children will not have much of a Christmas this year.

Saunders Family

The Saunders family always thinks of others before themselves. Shaun is a teacher and Melody has a non-profit called Embracing the Queen Within (ETQW) where she teaches girls and women that they are wonderfully made and to love who they are. They have been through their own struggles but are always helping others and ministering to their community, even when they are living off hand-me-downs themselves. They have four wonderful children, two boys age 14 and 16 and two girls age 15 and 12, who never ask for anything in return.

Simmons Family

In 2019 the Simmons family lost everything in a house fire. They finally were able to move into their own apartment in March of this year, and then COVID-19 shut down schools, businesses and life turned upside down for this family who was just getting back on their feet. Hours were cut at work and fighting to stay afloat they were forced to tell the children (and 8 and 9-year old) some hard truths about Santa Claus, knowing Christmas wouldn’t happen this year, which was truly heartbreaking. The Simmons children don’t ask for much but a little hope and magic will go a long way this season

Thomas Family

COVID-19 hit the Thomas family hard this year, with a child testing positive and Anthony, a newly single father, forced to stay home and miss work to take care of his three children. The financial strain has been difficult, facing plumbing issues in their home, absence from work and a change of lifestyle for the family. Anthony said that despite all the challenges, he has three of the best kids in the world, and they deserve a Christmas to remember after going through so much. There are three children in the Thomas family, two girls and one boy, ages 9, 10 and 11.

Turano Family

Over the past few years, Sueann adopted a family of four siblings who had been separated due to their parents’ drug abuse issues: Baileigh 13 , Hannah 5, Gavin and Gage (twins) 3. Sueann and her husband have already raised four children, who are now adults, but chose to turn their lives upside down to adopt four children who needed a loving home, together. The twins have special needs and medical issues including cerebral palsy, requiring special care around the clock. 2020 had been a wonderful year for this family, all living under the same roof for the first time and beginning the healing process with Sueann and her family, until COVID-19 hit. Sueann was forced to resign due to the twins medical needs in the face of the pandemic and the family has been struggling to keep up with finances as this year continues to present challenges.

White Family

This single mother is a domestic violence victim who is extremely brave and hard-working. Her children are her priority, always. The perpetrator destroyed all their belongings and sent her to the hospital. As a result of she is having a difficult time working due to her head injury. After all they have been through, they still have hope and faith that a better day is coming. The White family has six children ages 10, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 18.

Williamson Family

With 12 people in the house, the Williamson big family is full of love, and sacrifices everything (jobs to stay home and choosing digital over in-person learning) to make sure their littlest family member, Jules is healthy and well-cared for as he awaits an intestinal transplant. Marvin, daddy, has worked two full-time jobs tirelessly with overtime and no days off since August of this year to make ends meet. This holiday season, The Williamson family would be more than blessed to be able to give these deserving children Christmas gifts. There are seven wonderful children in the Williamson family, ages 15, 13, 12, 10, 8, 4, and 3. You can learn more about Jules and how you can help, here: www.cotaforteamjules.com

Wilson Family

The Wilson Family recently from California to Georgia, starting over from scratch. Dad is on dialysis three times a week and is awaiting a kidney organ donor. Due to COVID-19, mom is home schooling and working from home part time, caring for the whole family. They have endured many obstacles, but you would never know it by the smiles on their faces and their ability to still give back to their community! The Wilson family has two children, ages 9 and 13.

Thank you to everyone who donated, T-Mobile and Publix for making this possible.


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