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3-way kidney transplant brings triple the joy

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The Miami Transplant Institute of the University of Miami and the Jackson Memorial’s Medical Center has successfully performed the first kidney exchange transplant in Florida on three couples, according to The Miami Herald.

The kidney matching exchange, newly launched, is performed  when pairs of donors and recipients are not genetically compatible. Donors give their organs to a person and receive in exchange a kidney that can be used by his or her recipient.

In the three-way transplant, the surgery was performed on three pairs: Dale Jasko and his son Jonathan Jasko; Mary Rivero Morales and her husband Omar Figueroa; and Alana Gonzáles and her husband Gabriel García. The MTI’s surgeons performed all six surgeries simultaneously on July 9 in six operating rooms at Jackson Hospital. More than 60 healthcare professionals took part.

See emotional tribute to Isaiah Austin during NBA draft

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Isaiah Austin got his NBA Draft moment after all.

Between the 15th and 16th picks in Thursday night's draft, Commissioner Adam Silver announced that the NBA would let Isaiah Austin fulfill the dream of every young player, making him a ceremonial pick.

Just over a week ago, the sophomore center from Baylor was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects the heart. It ended his playing career.

The illness was discovered during a physical for the draft.

"For Commissioner Silver to even invite me here was a tremendous blessing and it just shows how much class that man has," Austin said. "It's really been a tough week for me, and it's been really rough. I've just had a tremendous amount of support from everybody around the world, telling me they're praying for me and everything. I can't thank everybody enough."

The crowd at Barclays Center rose to its feet as Austin, sitting in the waiting area with most of the first-round picks, hugged family members and put on a generic NBA cap. He went up to the stage and posed with Silver, just as all the drafts picks do when they are called.

During the season, the 7-foot-1 Austin revealed he had a prosthetic right eye after multiple operations couldn't repair a detached retina.

Austin, expected to be a high pick when healthy, said he felt he has "a great story to share." He said Baylor coach Scott Drew has already offered him a coaching position with the Bears.

"I have a whole life ahead of me," Austin said. "I'm not going to sit here and I'm not going to sulk about not being able to play basketball anymore, because I can still be involved with the game somehow or some way."

Austin said there was plenty to enjoy on what would have been his draft day.

"Just being around all the draftees and seeing my friends get drafted, it just brings joy in my heart because I know how hard we work to get to this point," Austin said. "I've been through it. ... Just to see how people persevere through their own problems, because everybody has their own problems. It's touching and it's heart-warming, really."

Minutes after Austin made the walk across the stage, there were comments on social media.

Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves tweeted: "Happy Isaiah Austin was able to hear his name called at the NBA draft. Very cool to see."

The 1991 Heisman Trophy winner Desmond Howard tweeted: "Adam Silver hasn't been on the job 12 mos and is already doing a remarkable job! Very classy move. God bless Isaiah Austin."

Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder tweeted: "Adam silver is such a classy man! That's love right there. I'm emotional for him. Damn I love that."

Austin is already spreading his message of perseverance.

"I want people to know they can push through anything, because I've done it," he said. "I just want them to know they have the power within themselves to do it if they keep faith and a positive attitude."

—SBNation contributed to this report

29 ways to keep fresh produce fresher for longer

Clark Howard is a nationally syndicated consumer advice expert

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One of the biggest culprits when it comes to your produce going bad is actually a natural and necessary thing. It's call Ethylene gas. It's produced naturally by fruits and vegetables in the ripening process, according to the Washington State University Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center. But too much of it leads to excess spoilage.The first step in the battle against spoilage is reducing the amount of this gas, but there are also other things that you can do.

Here are 29 ways to make that fresh produce last longer

1.      Keep your fridge clean! I know it's not fun, but it is a necessary evil if you want food to last longer. Leftover residue or mold spores can increase the spoilage of all your food that is in the fridge.

2.      Don't store fruits and vegetables near a gas stove. Natural gas has been shown to increase ripening just like Ethylene gas.

3.      Don't store fruits and vegetables in an area that tends to have smoke and/or heat (this includes the stove/toaster oven and cigarette smoke). The exhaust and heat from these and certain combustion engines can increase the amount of Ethylene gas that gets produced and speeds up the ripening process.

4.      Get an Ethylene gas absorber for your fridge, or there are also special bags that you can buy for storing produce.

5.      Try not to cut your fruits and vegetables unless you have to, or will be using them right away. Even with proper storage, a cut apple is going to spoil faster than one that is not.

6.      Place fresh herbs and leafy greens in a jar or vase of water, just like you would a bouquet of flowers. They'll last longer and you'll have a beautifully green arrangement!

7.      If you'd like to take this last step a little further, you can place leafy greens and herbs in water, cover the top with plastic, and then place in the fridge. 

8.      Here's a fun trick for onions: If you want them to last up to 8 months, all you need do is grab that old pair of panty-hose you've been allowing to hide in the back of your top dresser drawer, place the onions in the panty-hose, and then tie a knot in between each one to keep them separate. Then hang this from the ceiling.

9.      Dried green onions/chives can be chopped up and stored in a plastic water bottle and kept in the freezer. When you're ready to use some, just pull this out and sprinkle for a little somethin' somethin' to add to your dish.

10.  Store potatoes with apples to keep them from sprouting, and don't let them anywhere near your panty-hose onions. Onions will make them go bad faster, but apples are a potatoe's best friend!

11.  When it comes to chopped up salad greens, your worst enemy is moisture. If you can keep the moisture at a minimum, then you'll keep your greens longer. Keep them in a bowl with a paper towel, and cover with plastic wrap. The paper towel will absorb the excess moisture.

12.  Don't add tomatoes to your stored salad greens. The tomatoes contain the moisture that will wilt and rot your greens quickly.

13.  Trapped moisture will also make mushrooms go bad. Store them in a brown paper bag in the fridge or a cool, dry place. Don't use plastic or glass, as this will trap in moisture.

14.  Don't overstock the fridge. This leads to poor air circulation, and we want to keep our fruits and veggies at optimal temperature!

15.  Clean your berries, fruits, and greens in a mixture of 10 parts water and 1 part white vinegar. Not only will this remove excess dirt and even pesticides, but it will also help them last longer by preventing mold.

16.  To keep cut apples, avocados, or guacamole from turning brown, spritz with a little lemon juice and then cover with plastic.

17.  Remove rotten apples immediately, because one rotten apple WILL spoil the entire bunch.

18.  Keep bananas away from your other produce, as they produce some of the highest amounts of Ethylene gas.

19.  Place plastic wrap around the crown of your banana bunch to keep them lasting longer. Side note: If you want them to ripen super fast, place them in a closed plastic bag. Since they emit so much Ethylene gas, they'll ripen quickly when the gas is trapped by the bag.

20.  Tomatoes should stay at room temperature and away from sunlight. If you have your own tomato plant, you should pick tomatoes as soon as you notice that they are ripe. The sun does an excellent job at ripening and spoiling them (especially once they are off the stem). Be sure not to store your tomatoes in plastic, as this will trap moisture and increase the likelihood of spoilage.

21.  If you'd like to make your herbs last even longer, consider drying them. Bunch herbs loosely together with some string, and then hang in your kitchen.

22.  Here's another fun way to store herbs: Cut them up, place in an ice tray, add olive oil, and then freeze. Then you have oil and herbs for your dishes at a moment's notice!

23.  If you're not up for having an entire fridge of greens in vases of water, you can store things like celery, lettuce, kale, and broccoli in tin foil to decrease their spoilage time.

24.  Don't keep meat and produce in the same area of the fridge. This makes cross-contamination likely.

25.  If you're into using roots like ginger or turmeric in either your cooking or juicing, you can store these in the freezer and they'll still grate quite easily (peel and all!).

26.  Use glassware for fridge storage of fruits and veggies. Many plastics may contain harmful chemicals that can increase spoilage. This is just another reason to have more fun Mason jars! You can even use a Food Saver vacuum sealer on Mason jars.

27.  It probably goes without saying, but freezing and canning for long-term storage of fruits and vegetables is the way to go. And you don't need an expensive canner to get started with canning.

28.  Store your nuts in either the freezer or a Food Saver jar/bag. The key with nuts is avoiding moisture and air.

29.  Don't keep your produce in the door of the fridge where temperatures are going to fluctuate. Keep them in the middle or your bottom drawers to keep temps more consistent.   

What do you think about these tips? Any that you would add for keeping that produce as long as possible? Share your thoughts with us!Crystal Collins, a DealPro, is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog at

Florida, Georgia most stressed out states in the U.S., study says

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What stresses you out? A long commute? Check. Being unemployed? Check. Working long hours? Check. Living in Florida? Double check.

Florida wins the unhappy distinction of being the most stressed-out state in the country, according to a study by a real estate blog and reported in Time. Movoto combined factors including the percentage of people without health insurance, housing expenses and hours worked per week in order to measure stress across the country.

The study was conducted by real estate blog Movoto, found these to be the 10 most stressed-out states: Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, California, Nevada, Illinois, New York, Maryland, North Carolina and Arizona.

The weather might actually be a hidden variable affecting the stress scores.

The warmest American city is in Florida, and some of the coldest are in North Dakota and Minnesota. (Via

Warmer climates typically attract more people, which could explain a higher demand for jobs and health care — and that leads to more stress, according to the terms of the study. 

No matter where you live, if stress is getting the best of you, the American Heart Association has some tips. It recommends positive self-talk, deep breathing, and doing something you love for at least 15 minutes daily.

Read more here. contributed to this report

How to know if you're eating pink slime

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Remember the news reports about “pink slime” a few years ago? If you eat meat, listen up so you’ll know how to answer when you’re asked, “Where’s the beef?”

Back in 2012, an ABC News report claimed that some 70% of ground beef sold in supermarkets had the pink slime additive. The story played out on social media and created a hostile environment for manufacturers of pink slime. The outcry was so effective that it practically shut down production of the dreaded pink slime. But that's about to change...

Here's why pink slime is making a comeback

Technically, pink slime is defined by Wikipedia as “low-grade beef trimmings and other meat by-products such as cartilage, connective tissue, and sinew.” It is used as a filler or to lower the fat content of beef. Part of the processing involves spraying the trimmings with ammonia or citric acid to kill bacteria, according to The Wall Street Journal. Today, pink slime is making a return as beef prices are skyrocketing. So how can you know if you’re eating this additive? Simply look for the term “finely textured beef” or just "textured beef." That’s the popular name for pink slime today, according to meat packer Cargill. The beef processing operation offers that juicy tidbit and more on the website this talk take away your appetite? Well, if you’ve ever worked in a kitchen in any restaurant, you probably know what a wonder it is that we’re all safe and sound after a meal! As for me, this news doesn't phase me at all. Yes, I eat red meat. I've upset people and concerned them about my lifestyle and my health when I say that. But though this news doesn't bother me, I want you to know about in case it is of concern to you.On a related note, Ranco Feeding Corp. recently recalled 8.7 million pounds of beef products, which represents more than a year's worth of meat processing! 

7 protein-packed foods that are cheaper than beef

As I mentioned, the price of meat is sending shoppers into sticker shock. Beef prices are expected to rise 3 to 4 percent this year, according to the USDA. That's partly because the cattle herd has shrunk to a 63-year low, according to Bloomberg.So what can you do about it?Aside from taking advantage of weekly meat specials, shoppers may want to consider incorporating other sources of protein into their diet. Here's a list of 7 protein-packed foods that are cheaper than beef.

Moving from textured beef to cultured beef

Perhaps one day we won't have to worry about spikes in the price of meat...because it will be grown in a laboratory!In a maybe not too surprising development, researchers have now held the first-ever taste test of what's called "cultured meat." That is, cloned meat made in a lab ."The meat was produced using stem cells…from cow shoulder muscle from a slaughterhouse. The cells were multiplied in a nutrient solution and put into small petri dishes, where they became muscle cells and formed tiny strips of muscle fiber, " according to The New York Times"About 20,000 strips were used to make [a] five-ounce burger, which contained breadcrumbs, salt, and some natural colorings as well."Who would have ever thought? 

6th baby dies in 'Nap Nanny' recliner; officials urge owners to stop using product

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported last week that a sixth infant has died while using a product called the Nap Nanny.

“Our Safe to Sleep experts urge all parents and caregivers who own a Nap Nanny or Nap Nanny Chill recliner to stop using it immediately.  We do not want any other family to suffer the loss of their child or experience serious injury to their child,” a blog post on said.

According to CPSC’s website, Since 2010, safety problems with the Nap Nanny have been explained in recalls, a safety blog, and a legal settlement against the now out-of-business firm. CPSC is again warning parents to stop using these infant recliners because deaths occurred in two ways:

  1. The baby partly falls or hangs over the side of a Nap Nanny and gets trapped between the product and crib bumpers;
  2. The baby suffocates on the inside of the Nap Nanny.

The latest death occurred in Hopatcong, N.J. where an 8-month-old girl secured by a belt was found partly hanging over the side of a Nap Nanny recliner, trapped between the product and a crib bumper.


Woman's ex-fiancé saves her life with kidney transplant

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A California woman perfect match came from an imperfect match from her past.

Sabrina Timms, 35, is scheduled to undergo surgery Tuesday at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco for a kidney transplant. She only had to wait a year and a half to find a match.

"I go to dialysis with people who have been waiting eight to 15 years," Timms said. "It's very rare to find a perfect match."

The donor, Daniel Burdick, is Timms’ former fiancé.

The couple was engaged eight years ago, but broke it off.

"He was wanting to pursue his music, and I wanted to settle down," explained Timms.

"We had to kind of make a decision, and I wanted music and the dream thing more," said Burdick.

The two remained friends and still co-parent their children.

Now Burdick is putting off music again, he was set to tour this summer. Instead, he's donating a kidney.

"That's the important part you know, just make sure that she's good," Burkick said. "Music can come later. It never dies. It's gonna be in the heart."

Burdick couldn't give Timms his heart years ago, but he's giving her a kidney now. The donation will give Timms a second chance.

"Well, the kidney is saving my life!" Timms said laughing.

Timms father and uncle were both tested, but neither was a match. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more than 120,000 people are on waiting lists for organ donations. 18 people a day die waiting for them.

There are moments when Timms breaks down in tears, thinking about the people she sees three days a week at dialysis. She says Monday's final dialysis session would be bittersweet.

"It's going to be really hard because there's a lot of people there that aren't so lucky," she said.

Timms and Burdick hope their story will spur others to get tested to be live organ donors. For more information go to or

Woman's ex-fiancé saves her life, with kidney transplant

Woman's ex-fiancé saves her life, with kidney transplant

Father relieved after wife in coma gives birth to healthy baby boy

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A relieved father talked about the flood of emotions he experienced Thursday morning when doctors delivered a baby boy from his wife who has been in a coma since March following surgery to treat a brain tumor.

The father, Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Deputy Brian Lande, talked to Bay Area TV station KTVU about the delivery and what's next for the treatment of his wife who is still in a coma.

Like any new father, Lande was overjoyed and overwhelmed as he held his newborn son for the first time Thursday at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco. But his circumstances are far different from those faced by most fathers.

Until his son's successful delivery, it wasn't clear if the infant boy or his wife would survive the pregnancy.

West Nathaniel Lande weighed five pounds nine ounces at birth.

"He's got his mom's nose and his mom's ears and he's opening his eyes and looking around already," said a beaming Lande.

The Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputy is a proud father. But Brian and his wife Melissa are facing challenges unlike most new parents.

>> Raw interview: New father talks about meeting his new son (-->KTVU)

Melissa Carleton suffered a seizure following treatment for a benign brain tumor. She has been in a coma since March, yet brought her baby to full term.

"Having to worry that we really weren't going to get either, to at least know that I've got one of them now," said a relieved Lande.

Doctors delivered west via C-section at 10:56 a.m. Thursday morning. Despite the blessing of his healthy son’s arrival, the birth still brought mixed feelings for Brian.

"As happy as I am to meet my son, it is incredibly painful for Melissa not to be awake with me for this," explained Lande.

Melissa's injury to her brain is in the area that controls wakefulness, so she still may be aware of what is happening.

Before surgery she moved Brian's hand to her stomach where the baby was kicking.

>> Read more trending stories

"She puckered for a kiss. These are things we've waited for months to happen and she did them today," said Land.

Now that west has arrived, Brian will be balancing his new baby, Melissa's continued treatment and eventually returning to work for the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department.

"I'm overwhelmed I have no idea what I need right now. I just can't see further than my nose," said Lande.

Brian told KTVU he is thankful for all of the help he has received from the community.

His wife's continued care and treatment will be expensive, but right now he's focusing on keeping Melissa and baby West together.

Lande has set up a site to raise money for Melissa's treatment. Interested parties can go there to make a donation.

89 items
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