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Posted: 10:51 a.m. Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mom Like Wine? 


North Georgia vineyards are ripe with promise photo
Jill Vejnoska
One of three vineyards at Tiger Mountain in Tiger. This land has been in John Ezzard’s family for five generations

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By Jordan Graye

Just read where the cost of enjoying a glass of wine while dining out is getting more expensive.  Not sure why restaurants have had to raise the prices, but check it out here.  Grapes or transportation? Or both?

You might want to think about toasting Dear Mom this Sunday with a glass of vino and a trip to the wineries in North Georgia .  You'd be surprised at how many there are!

You can start in Dahlonega at 3 Sisters Vineyards with some awesome tastings and tours.  Look around their website at   Then move on to Cavendar Creek Vineyards also in Dahlonega.  Venture out from there to Young Harris, Helen,  Sautee, Hiawassee, and Ellijay to name a few places with fantastic wineries.

Check out for a list of N.Ga wineries and vineyards with tastings and tours.  Just remember to have a designated driver after all those tastings! 

Enjoy Mother's Day either with or without family, and thanks for listening to us. xoxo Jordan

Jordan Graye

About Jordan Graye

Jordan grew up here in Atlanta (Sandy Springs) and has seen the traffic go from bad to worse! But she knows you can’t beat the weather, the Chattahoochie River (she loves shootin’ the hooch), Stone Mountain, Lake Lanier, Braves, Falcons, and so many other great things about this amazing city…especially the Southern Hospitality!

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