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Teen who lied about being gang raped faces felony charges

A Texas teenager is facing felony charges after she falsely claimed she was kidnapped and raped by three African-American men in March, according to reports.

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Breana Harmon, 19, ran into a church wearing only a shirt, bra and underwear and told witnesses she had been abducted, taken to the woods behind the church and raped by two of the men as the third held her down, the Dallas Morning News reported.

An investigation found that the cuts on her jeans did not match the cuts on her legs, authorities said. A nurse found no evidence of sexual assault after examining Harmon. Later in March, she admitted to police that she had made up the entire ordeal.

Harmon told authorities that “things from her past started going through her head” and she “began cutting herself and her jeans,” the Herald Democrat reported. She then confessed that she had lied about the incident because she didn’t want her mother to know she was cutting herself.

Harmon was initially arrested and charged with a misdemeanor. She was indicted Wednesday on charges including two third-degree felony counts of tampering with physical evidence and a felony count of tampering with a government record, among other charges. If convicted, she faces up to 10 years in prison.

“The more we have looked at what happened in this case, and considered the harm it caused, and certainly could have caused, we believe what she did fits these higher charges,” Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown said in a statement. “What she did was very serious, and we believe it was felony conduct.”

The Herald Democrat reported that the Denison Police Department, which investigated the case, is also seeking $8,000 in restitution.

Chipotle expands queso offering to 350 locations

Chipotle will begin offering queso in 350 locations, starting Aug. 1.

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The chain announced the expansion Wednesday.

“We’ll be rolling out queso to more than 350 restaurants across markets within central and southern California and Colorado, beginning on Aug. 1,” Mark Crumpacker, Chipotle’s chief marketing officer, said.

Chipotle first introduced queso earlier this month at the Chipotle NEXT Kitchen, a public test kitchen in New York City.

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“We’ve been really pleased with the response to queso in the initial test at our NEXT Kitchen in New York and want to see how it will do in a couple of markets,” Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold told Thrillist. “Since beginning the test in New York, we have believed that the queso test was something that we could expand quickly, from an operational perspective, if we opted to do so.”

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Consumer response in the participating locations will determine whether the chain expands the queso to other locations or makes it a permanent menu item.

According to The Washington Post, Chipotle’s NEXT kitchen is also in the process is testing an avocado-citrus salad dressing, a dessert and a frozen margarita.

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Chipotle is also considering increasing its prices.

“While we would like to execute the price increase on the next tier of market sometime in the fall, the exact timing will depend on the timing of a possible queso rollout and consumer sentiment and visit habits,” Hurtung said.

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Woman shocked by what doctor left inside her after giving birth 

A Florida woman gave birth in mid-July, but she said she ended up back in the hospital weeks later because of a doctor’s mistake

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After Jamila Smith gave birth to her son, Aiden, she needed surgery to stop the bleeding. That’s when Smith claims a doctor at Jackson South left an object inside her, according to WSVN

“There was pain and pressure to the point where I wouldn’t be able to, sometimes, like, hard to move to get the baby, moving around, stuff, you know,” Smith said.

Doctors then discovered a piece of gauze inside her that measured a foot long and could have caused an infection or other complications. 

“It looked like, almost like a long piece of snake,” Smith’s husband, Alaunta, told WSVN

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Jackson Health System released the following statement to WSVN:

“Our healthcare teams are always deeply affected when their patients suffer complications after procedures … like all top medical systems, we investigate every complication and use those results to constantly improve.”

Read more here.


Family of organ recipient attends funeral of donor who saved his life

A New Jersey woman whose organs were donated after her death last week had special mourners at her funeral -- the family of one of the people whose lives she saved. 

Ivonne Martinez Rivera, 41, of Kearny, died July 20, several days after she suffered a brain aneurysm, according to WABC in New York. Her family, which included her husband and three children, decided to have her removed from life support when doctors determined that there was nothing more they could do for her.

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Rivera’s heart, kidney and liver were donated to two different people, WABC reported. Her husband, Andy Rivera, told the news station that organ donation was in line with his wife’s personality. 

“My wife is the type of person who will help anybody, whether or not she knows you,” Rivera said. “She feels content helping other people.”

The family of one of the recipients, Eli Guzman, 35, of Roselle, decided to repay Ivonne Rivera’s kindness by attending her funeral Tuesday night in her native Newark. 

“I consider her my hero,” Guzman’s brother, Misael Guzman, told WABC

Eli Guzman received Rivera’s kidney and liver the day after she was removed from life support. He remained in the hospital this week, recovering from surgery.

“God has shown us a way of bringing two families together in love and kindness,” Eli Guzman told the news station. “We thank the Rivera family for the decisions they’ve made.”

The funeral service for Ivonne Rivera, who worked as a nurse for the elderly, was packed with mourners, WABC reported. Social media was also filled with love from her family and friends, who prayed for a miracle as she fought for her life. 

Andy Rivera told WABC he wants the couple’s children, including their 18-month-old daughter, to know that their mother’s spirit lives on in other people. He said he would like to meet the person who received his wife’s heart.

“So I can at least put the baby on her heartbeat, the baby can hear her mother’s heartbeat through somebody else,” Andy Rivera said. 

Meg Ryan, John Mellencamp reportedly dating again

John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan are reportedly back together since breaking up over two years ago, according to a published report.

Entertainment Tonight reported that the couple started dating in 2010 and broke up five years later. In a March interview with Howard Stern, Mellencamp said Ryan isn’t fond of him.

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“Oh, women hate me. I loved Meg Ryan,” he told Stern. “She hates me to death. I think it’s because I’m a child. I throw fits -- I gripe. I complain. I’m moody. Every bad thing that a fellow can be, that’s me.”

Apparently, he was a little off the mark.

Mellencamp was most recently romantically linked to model Christie Brinkley, but the two called it quits after nearly a year together.

A source close to the former couple revealed to Page Six that Brinkley and Mellencamp’s differences in lifestyle was the reason behind the split.

“If you know John, you know he doesn’t do well at social gatherings and at tables filled with nice folks, particularly the Hamptons set,” the source said at the time of their break up. “He shoots straight from the hip. She may have liked that he’s a cowboy, but in the end that’s what drove her away.”

Teen suing CSX after train accident severed his legs

Jacob Ohl lost both his legs below the knee when he was run over by a train in Lilburn, Georgia, in March. Four months after he was released from the intensive care unit, Ohl is suing CSX and the operators that were allegedly running the train that hit him.

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Ohl, 17, filed suit in DeKalb County last week. The lawsuit claimed CSX and operators Derrick Tyrone Marshall, of Stone Mountain, and Clifton Edward Martin, of Greenwood, South Carolina, were negligent and that CSX was liable for his injuries, which have already racked up more than $200,000 in medical bills.

Ohl was walking along the train tracks with earbuds in on March 2 when he “sensed,” but didn’t hear, a train approaching behind him, his mother wrote on a GoFundMe page after the accident.

Ohl’s lawsuit claimed the CSX train did not have a properly functioning front-facing camera, preventing the train’s engineer and conductor from seeing Ohl in time to avoid hitting him. CSX also did not put up fencing or other “warning devices” to keep pedestrians a safe distance from the tracks, the suit said.

Ohl was at least 1,000 feet from the train when Marshall and Martin first saw him, but they did not ring the train’s bell, blow the train horn or apply the emergency brake before hitting Ohl, the lawsuit said. 

It took half a mile for the train to come to a complete stop after hitting Ohl, Lilburn police said at the time of the accident.

The suit asks for compensation for Ohl’s injuries, as well as damages he may suffer in the future. CSX declined to comment on the suit and would not say whether Marshall and Martin are still employed by the company.

Man pulls car 16 feet while walking on hands

A Plymouth, Massachusetts, man has hand-walked his way into the Guinness Book of World Records, again. 

Mark Kenny has appeared on TV numerous times to show off his unusual talent of hand-walking.

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On Thursday, he strapped himself to a Mini Cooper and pulled it 16 feet while walking on his hands. 

Kids and counselors with the Plymouth County Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education Summer Program at Whitman-Hanson Regional High School watched, cheering him on. 

"It was just crazy," said one of the onlookers, Will Lamoy. 

"It felt good afterward," said Kenny.

Kenny often speaks to elementary school children about going after your goals. 

"I want the kids to know they can do anything -- they can do these records ... it's just a matter of setting goals and working to something," he said. 

It's a message that the kids can get behind. 

Kenny, 55, has reportedly been walking on his hands since age 11. He holds records for hand walking in the 50-meter dash, speed and duration of hand-walking down steps. 

For Thursday's stunt of hand-walking, he said leaning into it while balancing is the key to pulling it off. 

"It's all momentum, you got to get it started," he said. 

His wife, Mary Kenny, said that he loves setting goals and going after them. 

"Who knows what he's doing to come up with next," she said. 

Mary said that she's no longer phased when he starts walking on his hands at home. 

Country music mourning the passing of legendary Nashville producer Billy Joe Walker 

The country music community is mourning the passing of legendary producer, musician and songwriter Joe Walker Jr., who passed away earlier this week at the age of 64.

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According to CMT, Walker had been in poor health for some time. The native Texan was in Kerrville at the time of his passing in the early morning hours of July 25..

As a producer, Walker worked on projects for artists from the early 2000s, including Travis Tritt, Billy Ray Cyrus, Bryan White, Pam Tillis and the late Mindy McCready.

His songwriting earned him cuts with popular stars like Trisha Yearwood, Jerrod Niemann, Tanya Tucker and Billy Currington.

He was also a gifted guitar picker who played with some of country’s icons, including Randy Travis, Glen Campbell, Merle Haggard and Crystal Gayle.

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A devastated Travis Tritt shared his heartbreak on social media.

Bryan White, who credits Billy Joe with helping launch his career, also expressed his grief on Twitter.

FBI: Man says he killed wife on Princess Cruise ship because of her laughter

A 39-year-old Utah woman was killed by her husband aboard a Princess Cruise ship Tuesday night because, he told authorities, she wouldn’t stop laughing at him, according to the FBI.

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An FBI spokeswoman said Thursday that authorities arrested a man in the case after the ship was diverted to Juneau, Alaska. He was identified by The Associated Press as Kenneth Manzanares.

Authorities said the woman, who was identified only as K.M., was killed during a loud domestic dispute on the Emerald Princess around 9 p.m. Tuesday, while the ship was traveling the waters off Alaska, The Associated Press reported.

“Court documents say a man entered the cabin and saw the woman on the floor covered in blood,” according to the news wire. “Records say Manzanares grabbed his wife’s body and dragged her to the balcony before the witness stopped him.”

passenger on the ship told KTVA that he heard “two or three ladies or girls, definitely women, screaming” on the night of the incident. 

He told the news station that his wife looked over their room balcony and saw a man “bruised, cut and covered in blood.”

The ship left on Sunday from Seattle, carrying 3,400 passengers on a week-long trip. 

The Cox Media Group National Content Desk contributed to this report.

#FontFail as glitter turns to Hitler on tote bag

A Georgia company, out of Peachtree City, is saying it is sorry for a #FontFail.

Quotable Life made a tote that is supposed to say, “My favorite color is glitter.” But because of the script font and layout, it appears to say, “My favorite color is Hitler,” the “Today” show reported.

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Once you see it you can’t see it.

The wrong choice in font took center stage on social media, which led to a redesign swapping out the lower case letter with a capital letter G. 

The bag, according to the company’s Facebook post, was designed three years ago and that it was “an honest mistake.” 

Quotable Life said it will make amends for the mistake, and donate 300 percent of their profits of the discontinued version of the bag to the National Holocaust Museum.

67-year-old pleads guilty to rape after dentures discovered at scene

A 67-year-old man who served time for murdering a 6-year-old has pleaded guilty to rape after his dentures were discovered at the scene. 

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Thomas Maupin served time in Washington state for the 1988 murder of a 6-year-old girl. He went to Memphis after serving a 12 year prison sentence. He was twice convicted and sentenced to 40 years in prison, but the convictions were overturned on appeal. 

His dentures were made while he was serving his prison sentence. 

The dentures were collected and tagged by investigators in connection with the rape of a 31-year-old woman. A sexual assault kit that included DNA evidence from the crime and the dentures were placed in the police property room. However, the evidence became part of a backlog that was not tested until many years later. 

Police said the woman was raped on August 19, 2001, while walking in Memphis. She was approached by a motorist who got out of his car and started walking toward her. 

The man forced her into an alley, stabbed her with a metal object under her chin with so much force it struck the roof of her mouth and used the object to sexually assault her after forcing her to perform oral sex. 

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos takes Bill Gates' place as world's richest man

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and owner of The Washington Post, is the richest man in the world, taking the spot previously held by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Forbes reported Thursday

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Bezos, who owns just under 80 million shares of Amazon, had a net worth of $90.6 billion when markets opened Thursday, which put him $500 million ahead of Gates, Forbes reported.

Forbes said Bezos is the third American to top the global ranks aside from Gates and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett. He is also now the seventh person to hold the world’s richest person title. 

June Foray, voice of Cindy Lou Who, Rocky the Flying Squirrel dies at 99

American voice actress June Foray died Wednesday.

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Best known for voicing Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Natasha Fatale of “The Bullwinkle Show,” Foray died at the age of 99.

Her good friend, Dave Nimitz, confirmed the news of Facebook shortly after her death.

“With a heavy heart again I want to let you all know that we lost our little June today at 99 years old she is resting peacefully now with her beloved sister Geri and Sam her brother-in-law. I’m going out of my mind with the loss and losing all three of them within the last month-and-a-half but they’re in a better place now truly cherish my time with June and in the family for the last 14 years she is now in heaven with her family and my mother if I don’t respond right away please forgive me I need to disappear from Facebook for a while Saturday we are having a private family only memorial for Sam So it’s very bittersweet for me.

Foray won a Daytime Emmy Award for her work “The Garfield Show” in 2012, in which she played Mrs. Cauldron, and won Grammy Award for her voice work as Cindy Lou Who in the 1968 film “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

She also lent her voice to several other animated projects, playing Witch Hazel in “Looney Tunes,” Nell in “Dudley Do-Right,” Granny in “Tweety and Sylvester” and Lucifer the Cat in Disney’s 1950 “Cinderella.”

4-foot-long Nile monitor lizard living in family's Florida attic

A Florida family discovered a 4-foot monitor lizard living in their attic earlier this week.

“The thing was huge! I thought I saw a ghost or something,” Danny To, of Cape Coral, told WFTX.

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To told the news station that he heard scratching on the roof for about nine months. His neighbor was the first to spot the large, invasive, semi-aquatic lizard and quickly told To.

Nile monitor lizards can grow up to 5 feet and weigh 15 pounds. They like to munch on small animals, fish and eggs.

This job, To surmised, would be much harder than setting up a few traps, so he sought help from a professional.

Ned Bruha, of the Wildlife Whisperer, checked out the home and found scratch marks on the roof, a hole and bird feathers in the attic, WFTX reported. Birds don’t naturally go in the attic, Bruha added.

He planned to patch the hole, set up cameras and hope for the best.

"This has been going on for approximately nine months, so we have no idea if there's one or 21 that call this home," Bruha told WFTX.

Read more at WFTX or at Florida Fish and Wildlife

Chicago experiencing baby boom 9 months after Cubs World Series win

On Nov. 2, 2016, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years.

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The celebration that came afterwards filled the streets, bars, homes and rooftops across the city, but the celebrations didn’t stop there.

Approximately 38 weeks later, the result of some celebrations are being welcomed to this world.

According to doctors at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, the hospital saw a surge of births between July 10 and 18 -- almost double the normal amount of deliveries each day, according to Melissa Denis, vice chairwoman of obstetrics and gynecology, the Chicago Tribune reported.

And doctors at the hospital are expecting more going into the first weeks of August.

“It depends on how you calculate full term,” Dennis told NBC Chicago. “You’re looking at any time between late July and mid-August, so we’re expecting more to come.”

“Whether it's the natural ebb and flow of labor and delivery or the Cubs celebration?” Dennis asked during an interview with the Tribune. “We can leave that up to the imagination.”

With names like Wrigley, Theo (after Theo Epstein) and Addison (after shortstop Addison Russell and one of the streets bordering the ballpark), many new babies are being named after the event that may have helped bring them into this world.

On Thursday, Clark the Cub visited babies at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center and brought with him the World Series trophy, World Series ring, Cubs onesies and newborn fan Cub memberships.

Child with double hand transplant can play baseball now

He underwent amazing surgery, all to have a normal life. Now a 10-year-old little boy is beating the odds after he had both of his hands replaced.

Zion Harvey was only 8 years old when he became the youngest child to have a double hand transplant, NBC News reported in 2015.

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Zion lost his arms and legs after contracting a dangerous infection when he was 2 years old. He then had a kidney transplant. But when he was 8, doctors were able to undergo an 11-hour hand transplant at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Since the transplant, he’s been through hours upon hours of physical therapy to learn how to use his new hands. 

Two years later, doctors told the BBC that they’re amazed how well he, as well as his body, adapted to his donated hands. 

Zion is able to write, feed and dress himself. He can also grip and swing a bat, the BBC reported.

He is still gaining new sensations as his brain is mapping the touch senors.

The BBC reported that Zion can touch his mother’s cheek and feel the touch now.

Click here to read more about Zion’s recovery.

Joint Chiefs: Transgender policy won't change until Pentagon gets it in writing from Trump

The nation’s highest ranking military officer said in a letter Thursday to top military officials that there will not be changes to the military’s transgender policy until after President Donald Trump sends direction to the Pentagon.

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"I know there are questions about yesterday's announcement on the transgender policy by the president," Marine Gen. Joe Dunford wrote in the message, addressed to the chiefs of the services and senior enlisted leaders, according to Politico. "There will be no modifications to the current policy until the president's direction has been received by the secretary of defense and the secretary has issued implementation guidance.”

A photo of the letter was shared on Twitter Thursday by CNN reporter Barbara Starr.

Coca-Cola replacing Coke Zero with new beverage

Addicted to Coke Zero? You might want to make sure you get your fill of the fizzy low-calorie soft drink before it goes away. Coca-Cola announced plans Wednesday to phase out the beverage in the United States in the coming months. 

But Coca-Cola won’t leave Coke Zero lovers high and dry. 

The company plans to introduce Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in August.

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Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is already being sold in 25 markets across the globe, including in Latin America and the United Kingdom, where it was introduced in April 2016. The soft drink has shown significant sales success abroad.

According to Coca-Cola spokespersons, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar will taste more like standard Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey called the new drink a “reinvention of Coke Zero,” according to CNN.

“We’ve made the great taste of Coke Zero even better by optimizing the unique blend of flavors that gave Coke Zero its real Coca-Cola taste,” the company announced in a statement. “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is our best-tasting zero-sugar Coca-Cola yet.”

Many people don’t know that Diet Coke and Coke Zero are no-sugar drinks. Coca-Cola officials said they named the new beverage Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in an effort to be as “clear and descriptive as possible” about the beverage’s sugar-free ingredients.  

Coke Zero, introduced in 2005, was specifically marketed to men, who were shown to associate diet drinks with women’s interests. 

Fire Ball rides closed in California after deadly Ohio State Fair accident

Officials in California shut down Fire Ball rides at a trio of state fairs and attractions after a similar ride in Ohio malfunctioned Wednesday, killing one man and injuring several others.

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The swinging, spinning Fire Ball amusement park ride malfunctioned at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus on Wednesday, the opening day of the fair. Dramatic video captured by a bystander shows the ride swinging back and forth like a pendulum and spinning in the air when it crashes into something and part of the ride flies off, throwing riders to the ground.

The cause of the malfunction is under investigation.

The accident prompted officials to close similar rides at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, the California State Fair in Sacramento and the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, KSBW reported.

A spokesperson for the popular Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk told KRON that its Fire Ball ride was closed Wednesday in light of the accident. It was expected to reopen Thursday, after officials are able to thoroughly inspect the ride, KSBW reported.

“We inspect the rides daily,” Boardwalk community affairs director Kris Reyes told KSBW. “The Fire Ball was inspected Wednesday morning and passed.”

Barry Schailble, an inspector with the company hired by the California State Fair, told KCRA that officials “shut down the ride immediately, unloaded it and it’s closed right now.”

On its website, Amusements of America said that since its debut in 2002, the Fire Ball, which was manufactured by KMG, had become "one of the most popular thrill rides on the AOA Midway." The company's description of the ride said it swings riders 40 feet above the midway, while spinning them at 13 revolutions per minute.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Kid who was pranked by dad with birthday bat hits HR; guess who caught it

Last year, a dad and his son went viral after Braheim Fowler thought his dad forgot his birthday. Braheim was surprised when his father gave him a bat for his birthday right before a game.

Fast forward to the 2017 season, when Braheim took to the batters box and, bam, he hit a home run to deep center field with the bat he got last year from his dad, ESPN reported. What’s better is, guess who caught it? If you said dad, you’re right. The whole thing was caught on video.

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