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UnScripted: The Cardiac Hill Podcast w/ Corey Cohen (S2 Ep11)

Corey and Jim discuss Pitt Football's Pinstripe Bowl selection and Pitt Basketball's loss to Duquesne.

In this episode of UnScripted: The Cardiac Hill Podcast, Corey Cohen welcomes Jim Hammett to discuss Pitt Football's Pinstripe Bowl selection and Pitt Basketball's loss to Duquesne. They also answer the 3 Rivers Pack of Questions and name a Panther of the Week.

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Cam Newton benched for dress code violation

Carolina quarterback Cam Newton said after the Panthers' loss Sunday that he was benched from starting the game because he didn't wear a tie while traveling with the team to Seattle -- a requirement of coach Ron Rivera.

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"It came down to a dress code matter," Newton said. "I didn't follow dress code, and coach told me I wasn't going to start. I stand by his decision. His position he's in, I follow it."

Newton has been criticized plenty of times for his wardrobe choices.

"Growing up in Atlanta, I always had a sense of what fashion was, a sense of style. My parents always talked about the importance of making a first impression, and that's stayed with me," Newton said in a 2013 Esquire interview. 

One of the most notable pieces in his outfits has been his hats. They have even spawned their own hashtag, #CamCaps.

These are some of his looks at the podium this season:

<iframe src="//;border=false&amp;template=slideshow" width="100%" height="750" frameborder="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe> <script src="//;border=false&amp;template=slideshow"></script> [View the story "Cam Newton's outfits" on Storify]

Pro footballer runs to stands to give mom the ball after pick-six

Chiefs safety Eric Berry said he had a hard time keeping his emotions in check during his first game back in Atlanta as a professional football player. Those sentiments certainly didn’t seem to affect his play.

Berry, the former Atlanta-area high school standout, returned an interception for a touchdown and ran back a pick on a two-point conversion attempt for the decisive points in the 29-28 victory.

“I shed a few tears before the game, I shed a few during the game, and I shed a few after,” Berry said. “I think I held it together pretty good but it was a lot of emotions so I just tried to contain them and let it show through my plays.”

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It was Berry’s first time back in the city since he received chemotherapy treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2014. Berry has been cancer-free for two years.

Berry’s pick-six staked the Chiefs to a 20-13 lead late in the first half. Berry broke for the ball as Matt Ryan tried to pass to Taylor Gabriel and then ran along the left sideline for a 37-yard touchdown.

Berry said extensive film study with Chiefs assistant Emmitt Thomas helped him anticipate the play. After scoring the touchdown, Berry handed the ball to his mother in the stands.

Proud Parents.Posted by Eric Berry on Sunday, December 4, 2016

“I made my mind up before the game that I was going to give her the ball when I got it,” Berry said. “I try to give her whatever. It won’t amount to the things she has given me, and my dad as well. There were so many nights that I would cry on their shoulder, trying to make sense of everything that was going on, and they just kept telling me to keep pressing on and that I would be back to play the game the way I want to play.”

Berry ended up with the ball again on the failed two-point conversion by the Falcons. Similar to his first interception, Berry broke for the ball as Ryan delivered, this time stepping in front of Falcons tight end Austin Hooper.

There was no official yardage on the non-timed down but Berry caught the ball near the goal line and ran untouched to the opposite end zone.

“It was a poor play on my part,” Ryan said. “I expected a combination coverage to the outside and Eric Berry did a good job of coming down and going to the tight end.”

Read more about the game at

Panther of the Week: Michael Young

In a week that many Panther fans would like to forget, senior Michael Young, continued to have a strong campaign for Pitt.

This past week was one that Pitt fans would like to forget and who could blame them?Just when it seemed that the Panthers were coming together and starting to get after upending favorite Maryland, Panther fans experienced a let down. With senior Jamel Artis sitting out for disciplinary reasons, the Panthers ended their 15 year wining streak over Duquesne. The Dukes took out Pitt for the first time in a good while, 64-55.

Fortunately, for us, here at, it made choosing a Panther of the Week a little easier. That’s because Artis and fellow senior Michael Young, both had strong games in the win at College Park, MD. Artis’ absence against Duquesne, however, allowed for an easy decision on our end. Young ended up running away with the award this past week.

Young started out by hitting for 25 points, nine rebounds, 1 assist, and 1 block against the Terps to help Pitt to a 14 point win. The highlight was a dunk, as time was winding down, followed by a Young shushing the Maryland student section. The Terps’ students did not appreciate it, but as anyone who has spent time around the DC area will tell you, they probably deserved it.

Friday was not so kind to Pitt. With Artis out, Young tried to will the Panthers to a victory, but fell short. The senior led all Pitt players with 19 points, six rebounds, three assists, one steal, and finally one block. Without Artis running the point, the young Panther guards did not do Kevin Stallings, and Pitt, any favors. After dropping 22 points on Maryland, Artis sat out due to violations of the Pitt program. Stallings indicated that Artis would be back in Pitt’s game Wednesday.

Artis could have made this a tough call, and given Pitt a chance at extending their streak over Duquesne. Instead they sit at 6-2 on the young season and have a damaging loss on their resume. Hopefully the dynamic duo will be back next game and Pitt can continue to gel together. This column will be tougher to write, but I prefer that, instead of having a runaway winner.

Be sure to join Cardiac Hill's Facebook page and follow us on Twitter@PittPantherBlog for our regular updates on Pitt athletics. Follow the author@BrunoPittsburgh

Pinstripe Bowl Odds/Spread: Pitt early favorite against Northwestern

It's early and with the game about three weeks away, the line could fluctuate. But for now, the Panthers look to be the early favorite.

One line has the Panthers as three-point favorites. Thanks to one of the readers in the comments section who mentioned this.

Frankly, I expected a bigger line. Pitt was nearly a 25-point favorite against Syracuse and big favorites against Duke the week before. While Northwestern is better than those teams, how much better is what I'd ask? For example, is Northwestern really 21 points better than Syracuse? Obviously the line goes by head to head matchups, so perhaps Vegas just thinks the WIldcats match up better than those teams because of their passing attack.

Northwestern, for the record, does boast a great passing attack, led by Austin Carr with nearly 1,200 yards on the season. So against Pitt's secondary, he could be primed for a big day. Still - seems a little low to me. What say you? Too low, too high, or just right?

Vote in the poll below.

Be sure to join Cardiac Hill's Facebook page and follow us on Twitter@PittPantherBlog for our regular updates on Pitt athletics. Follow the author and founder/editor @AnsonWhaley.
Poll What do you think of the early line on the Pitt-Northwestern game? Too low - Pitt should be favored by more Too high - Pitt should be favored by less About right   21 votes | Results

Sorting out the ACC Bowl slotting mess, Pitt missed good chance to slide into elite bowl game

Usually at some point every year, I revisit the ACC football bowl game selection process. Part of that is because it's confusing and I have to remind myself of it and the other part is I'm flat out getting old and my memory is no longer my strong suit.

After Pitt's selection into the Pinstripe Bowl, I wanted to go back and take a look at the ACC selection process. In doing so it became pretty clear that Pitt missed out on a good opportunity to sneak into an elite bowl game this year for two main reasons.

Before I mention those, here's a great resource for the ACC Bowl selection process (I mean, assuming it's correct and everything). In a nutshell, the ACC doesn't send teams purely on how they finished in the standings. Bowls are about making money and getting opposing fans to come, so that makes sense. It's a bit unfair to teams (especially as we saw last year with Pitt getting passed over by teams that made Tier One Bowls that they were ahead of) but also helps to ensure that bowls get a good chance to sell tickets and stay affiliated with the ACC. Play nice, everyone.

So since the slots aren't automatically in terms of conference standings, there's always a bit of a mess. But essentially, things work like this.

If an ACC team gets selected into the College Football Playoff, that's where they go, obviously. While the ACC is a good bet to get into there, with only four spots and five P5 conferences, at least one conference always gets left out (Looking at you, Big 12). The key thing here is to make sure you get at least one team into the CFP. Beyond getting a chance to win your conference a national championship, it's important that your best team not eat up a slot in your conference's bowl lineup. That forces everyone down a peg and is just a bad deal. Get two teams into the CFP? Even better.

After that, you've got the Orange Bowl. Now, if the Orange Bowl is not in the CFP lineup (like this year), the good news for the ACC is that they get to send a team there next. That happened this year, and they got Florida State.

Next up is the Citrus. The Citrus Bowl is typically an SEC-Big Ten Game. But in years that the Orange is not in the CFP, they can also replace the Big Ten with the ACC if the Big Ten gets into the Orange Bowl. That scenario happened this year with Michigan getting in there, so you had Louisville get into the Citrus Bowl - a New Year's Day Bowl.

Finally, remaining in the conference's top four bowls this year is the Russell Athletics Bowl. They get the second pick of the ACC (behind the Citrus after the CFP and Orange Bowl ACC teams have been taken). So instead of getting one of those three teams, they settled on Miami - not a bad settle since they're in Florida.

Now, we can talk about Pitt being hosed all we want. But if you're Virginia Tech, you're probably not real happy. They were the Coastal Division champ and runner up in the title game - yet they didn't even get into one of these four games. Them? They're headed to the Belk Bowl. Despite having a better record than Miami and winning head to head, and having an identical record to Florida State and Louisville, they were passed over by those three other bowls by those teams. Perhaps they wanted to go to the Belk over the Russell because of proximity, but they also were bested by Clemson and Florida State, and then passed up by the Citrus. Essentially, they were the conference runner up (and not all that far away from being conference champion) and ended up in the ACC's fifth-best bowl option this season.

From a Pitt perspective, there were three reasons that made this such a great year for them to get into one of these bowls. First, the ACC sent Clemson to the College Football Playoff. Had they lost against Virginia Tech, perhaps no one from the ACC gets in and that pushes everyone down a notch. But if you're Pitt, you wanted to get them in there and that's what happened. And again, it's also the reason why it's so vital for conferences to place at least one team there. Otherwise, you've got Clemson eating up one of the other three bowls.

Second, Notre Dame had a down year. That's important because if they are bowl-eligible, they can eat up a slot in the ACC's lineup. And not only that, but they can knock a better team down a peg. With them not being bowl-eligible this year, they left one of those bowls open for a team like Pitt.

In other words, Pitt had a great chance of getting into a major ACC bowl this year without winning the conference. Not that they were realistically better than teams like Florida State and Louisville - only that because the conference sent a team to the playoff and didn't have Notre Dame in the way, there were just better bowls available to more ACC teams.

Be sure to join Cardiac Hill's Facebook page and follow us on Twitter@PittPantherBlog for our regular updates on Pitt athletics. Follow the author and founder/editor @AnsonWhaley.

College bowl teams, schedule announced

The official 2016-17 bowl schedule and matchups were announced Sunday, a slate of games that will include the College Football Playoffs and some big matchups on New Year’s weekend.

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 Traditionally the major bowl games — Orange, Rose, Cotton and Sugar — are played on New Year’s Day. But because Jan. 1 falls on a Sunday, there is a full slate of NFL games scheduled. So the major bowl games will be played on Dec. 31 and Jan. 2.

The bowl schedule begins with six games on Dec. 16 and will end on Jan. 9 with the CFP national championship game in Tampa, Florida.

One of the more attractive matchups will be played Dec. 30 in Miami, when sixth-ranked Michigan faces No. 11 Florida State in the Orange Bowl. In another big game, Big Ten champion Penn State, ranked No. 5, will face ninth-ranked USC in the Rose Bowl on Jan 2.

Selig, Schuerholz elected to baseball Hall of Fame

Former Commissioner Allan “Bud” Selig and executive John Schuerholz were elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday, Major League Baseball announced.

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The two men were elected by the 16-person Today's Game Era Committee, which considered 10 candidates. Schuerholz was a unanimous decision, while Selig received 15 votes. Candidates needed 75 percent (12 votes) for election.

Selig, 82, was baseball’s ninth commissioner, serving from 1992 to 2015. During his tenure, baseball expanded by four teams, the playoffs were expanded to include wild cards, regular-season interleague games were initiated and the World Baseball Classic was created. The MLB Network also debuted under Selig’s watch, and the sport experienced large economic growth.

Selig also presided over a strike that erased a large chunk of the 1994 season and caused the cancellation of that season’s World Series. The All-Star game ended in an embarrassing 11-inning tie in 2002, and in 2003 the midseason classic was used to determine the home team for the World Series. That has since been changed; MLB’s new collective bargaining agreement reached last week removed that policy beginning in 2017.

The increase in the use of performance enhancing drugs also occurred during Selig’s watch.

Selig is the fifth commissioner to enter the Hall of Fame, joining Kenesaw Mountain Landis, Albert “Happy” Chandler, Ford Frick and Bowie Kuhn.

Schuerholz guided the Kansas City Royals to their first World Series title in 1985 and later won another crown in Atlanta while leading the Braves to 14 division titles and five pennants.

Today's Game Era committee considers players whose contributions to the game have been achieved since 1988. The Modern Baseball (1970-1987), Golden Days (1950-69) and Early Baseball (1871-1949) committees cover other facets of baseball history.

Other candidates considered were Harold Baines, Albert Belle, Will Clark, Orel Hershiser, Davey Johnson, Mark McGwire, Lou Piniella and George Steinbrenner.

Reasons to like, dislike Pitt's Pinstripe Bowl bid vs. Northwestern

In reviewing the comments in our first Pinstripe Bowl post and those on Twitter, it seems that most of Pitt's fans are pretty united. While there's been some complaining, it seems the majority is on board with the Pinstripe Bowl as an attractive option for Pitt's football team. If that translates into ticket sales and people attending, that's nothing short of a great thing.

Part of the reason Pitt gets passed over by bowl games is because of the past travel history. That changed last year with the Military Bowl but the reality is that one year of sales isn't a trend. The Panthers need to constantly get people to the game year in and year out to start being considered as a program that travels well. Last year, Panthers fans were none too pleased about being passed up for a Tier One bowl. So far this year, the reaction seems more positive.

Here are my thoughts on some of the positives/negatives. Just for fun, I'll throw out some grades attached to these (grades after the applicable section). Would love to hear other perspectives, too.

First, the good. For those only interested in a day trip or maybe a short overnight trip, the location is ideal. With no regard to opponent, if you're only interested in being able to make the game and can't get too much time away from work/real life circumstances, you're likely really happy with the deal. Same for students mostly strapped for cash. A day trip to New York is the most practical option when comparing that bowl to Pitt's other potential landing spots in the Sun Bowl (El Paso, TX), TaxSlayer Bowl (Jacksonville, FL), or Russell Athletic Bowl (Orlando, FL).

Practical for Shorter Trips: A

Along those lines, it's going to be easy to get there as well. Traveling to a further destination such as the Sun Bowl or the Russell Athletic Bowl would have been more costly. You not only can cut airfare out of the equation, but it's also not a terribly long drive. Now, at about six hours, it's not that short. You've got to go clear across the state to get there and then some. It's almost two hours longer than last year's destination in Annapolis. But it's still a drivable trip and will be easy for Pittsburghers to make it.

Ease of Getting to Destination: B

Another thing about the bowl to like? It's a very winnable matchup. Northwestern poses a threat, but at 6-6 and with no great wins this year, is a team that Pitt should beat. If you're like me and think the team needs to show results on the field, you'll be glad to know that the Panthers have a great chance to get a ninth win for the year, which would inch the program forward a bit more.

Winnable Game: B+

And, I mean it's New York City, right? There's lots to do/see and not a bad little getaway trip. If you're only going up for the day, there's not as much appeal for that. But if you're going to be in town for a few days, there's plenty of attractions. New York beats other spots (i.e. El Paso) like a drum when it comes to having things to do.

Locale: A+

Finally, along with that is the game is played in Yankee Stadium. It would be great to walk around the home of the Yankees and take in the sights a little. Playing in Yankee Stadium will be better than playing in plenty of other bowl homes, to be honest.

Stadium: A

There are, of course, things that aren't so hot, too.

First, the weather. Being in New York might be kind of cool, but exploring the City in 30 degree weather probably won't be as much fun as going in the summer. Part of the allure of a vacation during the winter months is getting somewhere warm and, well, that ain't it. It's not only a cold-weather City, but the game is not in a dome. There are only 2-3 bowl games played outdoors in cold-weather cities and, well, there's a good reason for it.

Expected Weather: D- (I mean, it's not the north pole)

Next, there's simply not much prestige associated with the bowl. While the Bowl has hosted programs like Notre Dame and Penn State, it's also seen the likes of Boston College, Rutgers, and Syracuse. Last year's game? Duke and Indiana. The Bowl has only been around since 2010, so it has a ways to go to catch other bowl games. Of the four main options for Pitt, this was the least attractive in terms of being a name brand. Sure, it's a Tier One Bowl for the ACC. But it pales in comparison to the others.

Brand Name: C-

While a P5 opponent, Northwestern just isn't wildly attractive as an opponent. I know, I get it. Pitt isn't exactly a powerhouse, either. This has nothing to do with Pitt's standing and isn't a slight to the Wildcats program on a historical level at all. Northwestern, after all, won ten games as recently as last year. But in terms of this season, if you're the type of fan that wants to see a great opponent, you're going to be a little disappointed here. Northwestern was the height of mediocrity this year and (much like they may feel about Pitt), they just aren't all that intriguing/thrilling of an opponent. That's particularly true since Pitt could have been facing West Virginia in the Russell Athletic Bowl game.

Opponent Intrigue: C-

Also, while making a day trip to New York City is very practical, this isn't exactly an ideal game for those that like to really soak in the Bowl game and make it a vacation. I went to the Sugar Bowl once in the 1990s to see Florida-Florida State and it was incredible. The amount of people there for an entire week was insane. If you like to make your Bowl game a vacation, while you'll find plenty to do, it will also be an expensive (and cold) trip.

Practical for Longer Stays: D+

Finally, the day/time just isn't ideal. On a weekend, a lot of people could make the trip a bit easier. But it's smack dab in the middle of the week on a Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. So unless, you're getting up at the crack of dawn then leaving right after the game, you're going to be taking at least two days off of work. If like me, you'll be off the entire week, it's a non-factor. But for those saving vacation days, in the middle of the week like that, it's hardly an ideal situation.

And even for those not making the game, it's on a weekday at 2:00 p.m. so it means taking a half day off of work or trying to avoid hearing about it until you can go and watch later. While the time might be good for those traveling since they can leave afterwards and still get home around midnight, it's awful for a lot of people that want to watch it. Now, it is good in that it comes a few days after Christmas and isn't right up against the holiday when it might be harder to get away from family and relatives. But in terms of that day/time in general, a lot of people obligated to work will likely have to miss the game, I'm guessing.

Day/Time: D+

Overall, there's a lot to like and dislike here. I'll be off the entire week, so while it's doable for me, just not up my alley. In general, I'm not much of a bowl person and it would take quite a bit to go. But for those that just wanted to be able to make the trip, it will fit a lot of schedules.

The Russell Athletic Bowl against West Virginia was the best scenario for my money. Great opponent, rivalry game, Orlando, etc. But they also got to take Miami, who is not only in the state, but has the same record as Pitt and beat Pitt head to head. Then there's the TaxSlayer Bowl, where Georgia Tech ended up in a game against Kentucky. New Year's Eve bowl in Florida? Shoot, even I could have been talked into making that trip. Even the Sun Bowl, which has a weaker location in El Paso could have (excuse the pun) pitted Pitt against Stanford.

But as I said earlier on Twitter, your perspective of what you want out of a bowl determines how you feel about the Pinstripe.

Be sure to join Cardiac Hill's Facebook page and follow us on Twitter@PittPantherBlog for our regular updates on Pitt athletics. Follow the author and founder/editor @AnsonWhaley.

College football playoff teams announced

The four teams that earned spots in the College Football Playoff were named Sunday, and there really were no surprises. Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Washington will face off in the semifinals, which will be held Dec. 31. The semifinal winners will meet in the championship game on Jan. 9 in Tampa, Florida.

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On Dec. 31, top-ranked Alabama (13-0) will face No. 4 Washington (12-1) in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl at 3 p.m. in Atlanta, while second-ranked Clemson (12-1) will meet No. 3 Ohio State (12-1) in the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl at 7 p.m. in Glendale, Arizona, the CFP selection committee announced.

Alabama cruised into the playoffs for the third straight year with a 54-16 victory against Florida in Saturday’s Southeastern Conference championship game. Clemson held on to win the Atlantic Coast Conference championship by beating Virginia Tech, 42-35. Ohio State, which lost the Big Ten East tiebreaker to Penn State and was idle this weekend, became the first team to reach the playoff in its three-year history without winning its conference. Washington whipped Colorado 41-10 in the Pac-12 title game Friday night. 

Big Ten champion Penn State missed the playoff despite its 38-31 victory against Wisconsin on Saturday and a victory against Ohio State earlier in the season. The Nittany Lions, winners of nine straight games, wound up fifth in the rankings, while Michigan was No. 6. 

Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer watched the announcement from a maternity ward in Columbus, Ohio, as his oldest daughter gave birth to his first grandchild, ESPN reported. 

“It's been incredible,” Meyer told ESPN. “And everybody is good.”

At the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, Alabama opened as a 14-point favorite over Washington. Ohio State was a three-point favorite over Clemson.

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