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Photoshop artist takes requests, but his creations are brutally literal

People have been using Photoshop to edit and enhance photos for years. 

The software is used to remove blemishes and wayward hairs, alter body shapes and change any backdrop from one scene to another. 

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One designer, James Fridman, has seemingly mastered the graphics editor. 

Fridman, who created his Twitter account in March, has only tweeted 73 times and has nearly 433,000 followers.

While Fridman has kept details about his personal life private -- his tweets consist entirely of other people's photos -- he invites people to send him their photos with requests to edit them. 

And Fridman makes sure to give the people exactly what they want -- his interpretations are extremely literal.

<iframe src="//;border=false" width="100%" height="750" frameborder="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe><script src="//;border=false"></script>[View the story "James Fridman's photo edits" on Storify]

See more of Fridman's work here.

Father and daughter show uncanny resemblance in hilarious face swap photo

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Many children look a lot like their parents, but one family is proving that it has some pretty strong genes in a hilarious photo.

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A father posted a picture on social media after using a face-swap feature with his daughter. The result will make you do a double take.

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The 11-year-old girl sports a mustache in the photo, but the dad, on the right, almost looks as if his face hasn't been altered.

Maybe the photo shows what the father looked like in his younger years, but the burning question is: What does everyone else in the family look like? 

Is this a picture of Natalie Portman or a 13-year-old boy?

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Most people look back on their preteen and teen years with some level of embarrassment.

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Parents love to share photos of children in their awkward stages with family friends and those soon to be married into the family.

But one woman, Shannon Welch, shared a photo of her boyfriend online for all Internet users to see. 

The photo, posted on Welch's Reddit account, show's her boyfriend, Clyff, at 13 years old, and he looks exactly like a present-day Natalie Portman.

In the photo, Clyff, who's now 24, sports glossy, shoulder-length hair. Clyff's eyebrows, eyes, nose and lips look similar to Portman's features. They even both have similar beauty marks on their left cheeks.

Welch said she didn't notice the resemblance until Clyff sent her the sixth-grade photo of himself as a joke.

"I never really noticed until he sent me the side by side comparison when we first started dating," she said. "He wasn't on any social media when we met so I had no way to look at photos of him, so he sent me that photo to 'hold me over' until we saw each other next in person." 

She continued: "I laughed and just thought it was two photos of Natalie. A week later, (when we saw each other in person) he had to convince me it was him I didn't believe him until he showed me his actual sixth grade class photo."

Welch said she's not the only one who initially noticed the resemblance. 

"When I first started to meet his friends they would all ask if I'd seen his Natalie Portman photo," she said. "It was always the first thing everyone pointed out."

But according to Welch, Clyff, isn't embarrassed at all. 

"He's so proud of it. He's a big fan of Natalie and hopes she sees this," she said. "I, of course, am a big fan too."

When you find out the boy you're crushin on used to be #natalieportman #nojokethisisanelevenyearoldboy #ontheleft #thatsaboy #notnatalieportman A photo posted by Shannon Welch (@shannnypants) on Sep 19, 2015 at 10:50pm PDT  

Here are more recent photos of Clyff without the locks. People have joked that he's no longer Portman's doppleganger and could no longer be her "stunt double."

A photo posted by Shannon Welch (@shannnypants) on Feb 14, 2016 at 1:53pm PST

A photo posted by Mitch Cumstein MD (@the_real_natpo) on Jan 14, 2016 at 7:20pm PST

This woman does not look happy on Disney's Splash Mountain

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Jordan Alexander did not think that her annoyance on a Disney ride would be so popular on the Internet.

Like most theme park rides, Disney World's Splash Mountain snaps images of park-goers at the height of the ride.

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Alexander was not excited.

She wanted her husband, Steven, to go on the ride with her.

"It was a long day. I had bronchitis, I had a crying baby and my husband informed me that he doesn't have it in him to ride my favorite ride," Alexander told WSTM, explaining her expression in the photo.

"It was hot and I was getting tired, but she really wanted to go on Splash Mountain and I had promised her earlier that I would go on it with her," her husband said. "At the time I was just beat and I said, 'I don't think I'm going to go on Splash Mountain.' She said, 'Fine, then I'm going to go on by myself."

Jordan Alexander planned to get her husband back in time for the photo op.

"I kind of practiced it the whole way," she said. "And by the time we got to the last drop I didn't know where the camera was and so I just guessed and looked over and took the picture and that was that."

"When she first showed me the photo, I just lost it," Steven Alexander said. "How could you not? I was like, 'Did you coordinate this with them?' Because it was so perfect."

Wife got a little perturbed that I wouldn't accompany her on the ride.

Steven Alexander decided to share the image on Reddit March 2, and the image only increased in popularity since then.

It has been viewed over 2 million times.

The Reddit feed spawned countless Photoshop images of Jordan Alexander.

"The Mona Lisa one cracked us up the first time we saw it we just died laughing," Steven Alexander told WHAM. "Then the one where she is Photoshopped in with all the current politicians running for president was really hilarious," he said.

Jordan Alexander doesn't mind her new fame.

"I think it's great that people are taking it and having fun with it," she said. "I think some of the Photoshops are absolutely hilarious."

NASA astronauts photograph Northern Lights from ISS

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Astronauts Scott Kelly and Tim Peake have been posting pictures of the Earth from the International Space Station, but their most recent photos are more stunning than usual.

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Photos posted on Kelly's Facebook page show the astronauts' views of the Aurora Borealis. The extraordinary pictures were said to be taken while Kelly taught Peake how to use his Nikon camera. 

The natural light display they captured happens when a burst of the sun's gas and magnetic field causes a solar wind -- the stream of energy specks from the sun.

That stream hits the Earth's atmosphere and creates the Northern Lights' effect.

O Canada! Beneath thy shining skies. You were beautiful this morning! #YearInSpacePosted by NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Aurora brought her fresh colors over Earth today. Stunning! #YearInSpacePosted by NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

More morning's aurora. #YearInSpacePosted by NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Good morning, Aurora and the Pacific Northwest! #YearInSpacePosted by NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day 298. A distant aurora leaves the light on for us. Good night from the International Space Station! #YearInSpacePosted by NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Man uses IKEA displays to create the perfect Tinder profile pic

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This is the stuff legends are made of. 

According to Mashable, Imgur user keventure and his friends had seen countless photos on Tinder with poor lighting and boring backgrounds. In an effort to stand out and spice up their profile pictures on the app, they did what any young bachelors looking for a mate would do; they headed to IKEA!

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In a series of photos, they covered it all– everything from reading in a home library to designing blue prints in a home office.

Hopefully, any potential matches won't notice the price tags in all the photos!

Check out the rest of the hilarious and downright genius pictures here

Photographer creates family photo for widow whose son never met his father

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Stephanie Summers was five months pregnant when her husband died in a plane crash last year. 

She gave birth to a baby boy a few months later and named him after his father, Taurean.

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A year after the death of her husband, Summers reached out to Laura Gordillo, the photographer who took pictures of the couple for their last wedding anniversary together.

According to Gordillo’s Facebook, Summers wanted to take pictures with her son in the same places she had taken photos with her late husband months before. She even planned to match the color schemes in the two shoots.

From there, Gordillo created a custom image of Summers and her son with her late husband, who was edited into the photo.

Gordillo said Summers loved the finished product and couldn’t stop crying.

Taurean, who was a paramedic, was on a plane that was transferring a patient to a caner center in Phoenix. It crashed in Las Creces, killing everyone on board.

“My heart broke to see what could have been, but at the same time, I was so happy to execute such a beautiful image for Stephanie and her son,” Gordillow wrote.

Gordillo has since received numerous requests to create similar photos with families and their deceased loved ones.

Sometimes as photographers we tend to get intertwined with the business aspect of our photography. That it is easy to...Posted by Laura Gordillo Photography on Monday, September 7, 2015

How a photojournalist got this skyline lightning shot

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Behind the Lens, A Photographer's Story-- AJC Photojournalist Ben Gray talks about his shot of lightning over Midtown Atlanta.As storms rolled into Atlanta on Tuesday evening, I headed up the Downtown Connector (highway network system) on my way to cover a lightning-strike fire in Acworth, about 40 minutes north of Atlanta. Rain started pouring down, lightning lit the sky and traffic slowed to a crawl. I immediately realized there was no sense in trying to make my way to Acworth when I was in the middle of the storm already. 

Equipment: Canon 1Dx camera, 16-35mm f2.8 lens zoomed to 35mm, 13 sec, f/7.1, ISO 125I pulled off at 17th Street and made my way to a parking deck, where I knew I would have protection from rain and lightning while also having a good view of the Midtown skyline. I jumped out, with my camera in hand and quickly adjusted the ISO and aperture settings for a long exposure while leaving the camera on the aperture priority setting. I didn’t have a tripod with me, so I balanced the camera on the wall of the parking deck, put my left hand under the lens to raise it up a little and hit the shutter button. To my amazement, the sky lit up with a tremendous bolt of lightning during the very first 13-second exposure. After sending the photo for use on this AJC story, I went back to shooting, but none of the photos even came close to that first frame. 

80 items
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