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Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearing: What time; what channel; live-stream

Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump’s nominee for the vacant U.S. Supreme Court seat, will face senators Monday as his confirmation hearing begins.

Gorsuch, a judge on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, is likely to face several days of hearings in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

He  will fill the seat left vacant by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in February, 2016 if he is confirmed.

Here’s what to expect Monday.

What time: The hearing begins at 11 a.m. ET

What channel: CSPAN 2 will carry the hearing live.

Live-stream: The Senate Judiciary Committee will live-stream the hearing here.

Who will introduce him: Gorsuch will be introduced by three people: Sen. Michael Bennet, (D-Colo.); Sen. Cory Gardner, (R-Colo.); and Neal Katyal, former acting solicitor general of the United States.

James Comey’s testimony: Live updates

FBI Director James Comey will testify Monday before a House Intelligence Committee hearing into allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Comey will likely be asked about President Donald Trump’s claims that former President Barack Obama ordered a wiretap of Trump Tower in New York City during the run-up to the November election. 

Here’s what to expect Monday.

What time: The hearing begins at 10 a.m. ET

What channel: CSPAN, along with the other cable news channels will carry the hearing live.

How long will it last: It is scheduled to last until 1 p.m. ET

Anyone else testifying: Michael Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency, will also be testifying.

Is it live-streamedIt will be live-streamed on the HPSCI website. 

Live updates:

7 things to know now: Comey to testify; Clinton’s return; March Madness brackets blown

Here's a roundup of news trending across the nation and world today.

What to know now:

1. Comey to testify: FBI Director James Comey will testify before the House Intelligence Committee on Monday morning as hearings into allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election get underway in Washington. Comey is expected to be asked at the public hearing about any investigations of the new administration and about President Donald Trump’s statement that his campaign was wiretapped. Also scheduled to testify is Michael Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency.

2. Gorsuch hearings: Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s nominee for the vacant Supreme Court seat, begins confirmation hearings Monday. Gorsuch, a judge on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, would fill the seat of Justice Antonin Scalia who died in February 2016. Gorsuch is likely to face several days of hearings.

3. Out of the Woods: Hillary Clinton told a group on Friday that she was “ready to come out of the woods,” and return to the American political scene. Clinton joke about being spotted while taking walks in the woods around her New York home, and told people gathered at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Scranton, Pa., "I'm like a lot of my friends right now; I have a hard time watching the news.” Clinton urged those there to get involved in the political process. "I do not believe that we can let political divides harden into personal divides. And we can't just ignore or turn a cold shoulder to someone because they disagree with us politically," she said.

4. Breslin dies: Columnist and author Jimmy Breslin died Sunday in New York. Breslin, who first became famous for a column about the man who dug the grave for President John F. Kennedy, was 88. He spent his career in New York City, and won a Pulitzer Prize for his columns about the famous, the infamous and, in most cases, the everyday man. 

5. Brackets blown: Millions of people across the country let out a groan at the same time Saturday, when their NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament bracket was blown up as returning champion Villanova lost to Wisconsin. There were other upsets – Duke lost to South Carolina and Michigan defeated Louisville. There was a blown call that likely sent Northwestern home early. After it was all over, the field was cut down to the “Sweet 16.” The tournament continues Thursday.  

And one more

Spring arrived Monday morning at 6:28 a.m. E.T. with the vernal equinox – the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator and heads toward the Tropic of Cancer. There’s more daylight, and, according to forecaster, it will be a warm spring.

In case you missed it

Scientists say eating cheese can help weight loss

Here is some Gouda news for people who want to lose weight but love cheese.

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Scientists said eating cheese does not raise a person’s cholesterol level and could even help you lose weight, the Sun reported.

In a study conducted in Ireland, scientists discovered that people who ate plenty of cheese do not have a higher cholesterol level than those who did not. The study used 1,500 adults, who kept a four-day food diary and were asked to note how many dairy products they consumed.

Their blood samples were then analyzed for cholesterol levels and other metabolic health problems, the Sun reported. Scientists found that the adults with a lower body mass index ate more dairy.

Current health guidelines suggest eating foods high in saturated fat increases the risk of high cholesterol and heart attacks, The Sun reported

That is often caused by an unhealthy diet or having a family history of stroke or heart disease. However, lower blood pressure was associated with eating cheese more than other products like yogurt and milk, the Sun reported.

Dr. Emma Feeney, Food for Health Ireland’s program manager, told the Sun that  “Simply looking at individual foods does not reflect the real story. What will really impact on our metabolic health, is the overall pattern in which whole foods are consumed.”


Man shot dead after taking soldier’s gun at Paris airport  

A man has been shot dead after grabbing a soldier's gun at Orly airport in Paris, the BBC reported Saturday.

For continued updates, follow The Associated Press.

Read the original report below.

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French officials said the airport was evacuated after the gunman fired shots inside the terminal, the Express reported. 

He was killed by the security forces in a shop after seizing the weapon in the airport's southern terminal, the BBC reported. Nobody else was injured, officials said.

The Paris prosecutors' office confirmed later Saturday that its anti-terrorism section has taken over the investigation, The Associated Press reported. 

The man was on a watch-list of radicalized individuals and had been involved in a shooting hours earlier in the north of Paris, the BBC reported.

The attacker was known to police and intelligence services, and was involved in a shooting at a police traffic stop north of Paris that morning, Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux said at a news conference.

A police officer injured during the traffic stop incident is undergoing treatment but is not seriously injured, he said.

Passengers wrote on Twitter that they had heard gunshots in the south terminal and police were carrying out a security operation as they were told to flee.

A police spokesman wrote on Twitter: "Ongoing police operation. Do not cross the security perimeter, follow the instructions."

Passengers were told not to come to the airport, the Mirror reported, and all flights were redirected to Charles DeGaulle Airport, officials said.

Officials said the man approached a group of soldiers patrolling the airport and made off with the gun into a shop.

At that point shots were fired and the man was killed. His motivation is not yet known.

Witnesses told the AFP news agency that the airport was evacuated soon after the shooting.

"We had queued up to check in for the Tel Aviv flight when we heard three or four shots nearby," Franck Lecam said.

Paris police were investigating whether the incident was linked to a shooting earlier Saturday during a traffic stop north of Paris, according to The Associated Press. The Paris police office says a man fired birdshot at officers who stopped him, wounding one in the face. He then fled and stole a woman's car after threatening her with a weapon. That car was found near Orly, the AP reported.

In an incident last month, a man wielding knives lunged at soldiers at Paris's Louvre museum before being shot and injured.

Orly is the second largest airport in Paris.


‘Life changing’ amount of gold coins found hidden in old piano

Proving that not all treasure is found in a treasure chest and not all pots of gold are found at the end of a rainbow, a hoard of gold has been found in an old piano.

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The piano’s owners sent the musical instrument off to be retuned and repaired in Shropshire, England, before Christmas. Repairmen found a collection of full and half sovereigns that date all the way back to 1847, according to BBC News.

Peter Reavill, liaison officer for the British Museum's Portable Antiquities Scheme at Shropshire Museums told BBC News the coins had “the potential of yielding a life-changing sum of money.” 

“It is a lifetime of savings and it's beyond most people,” he said.

The full sovereign is worth at least 220 Euros, or $236.37, according to Alexandra Whittaker, who works in communications at London auction house Fellows & Sons.

“If one was particularly special, like if it had something wrong with it, or there were fewer minted that year, then it would be worth a lot more,” she said.

An inquest is being held in an effort to determine whether the finding can officially be declared a treasure.

If the inquest finds that the coins were hidden with the intent of eventually being found, it would be considered a treasure and become property of the Crown, according to BBC News. If the owner of the coins, or their heirs, can prove ownership, the Crown’s claim will be void.

The inquest will end April 20.

Puppy training as bomb detector shot at New Zealand airport

A 10-month-old puppy training to be an explosives detector dog was shot and killed Friday by police after getting loose from its handler at New Zealand’s Auckland Airport, CNN reported.

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Reuters reported that 16 domestic and international flights were delayed when the bearded collie and German shorthaired pointer mix, named Grizz, escaped from his handler and was on the loose for three hours.

The puppy was being trained to detect explosives.

"The dog was clearly distressed and wouldn't let anyone near it, so the decision was made to shoot the dog," Auckland Airport spokeswoman Lisa Mulitalo said.

The airport tweeted updates about the delay, initially saying that the dog had been caught.

New Zealand Aviation Security Service spokesman Mike Richards said police shot and killed the dog.

SAFE for Animals ambassador Hans Kriek questioned why Grizz was not tranquilized rather than being shot, CNN reported.

A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority told CNN that the dog “was on an initial airport environment socialization program as part of his training ... The airport Emergency Operations Center was activated and a full search was commenced.”

Richards said darkness outside made it hard to get the puppy.

"Of course it was dark for most of the time it was on the run. They tried everything they could, but just couldn’t lure the dog back. I think it was just freaked out," Richards said.

The CAA spokesman echoed similar statements: “We tried everything: Food, toys, other dogs, but nothing would work ... In these difficult circumstances the Airport's Emergency Operations Center team decided to have the dog destroyed.”

“Ultimately they have to call the police in to shoot the dog, and the police have access to tranquilizer guns, and there's also a zoo nearby that would have one as well. So we don't understand why they didn't do that,” Kreik said.The airport said it would investigate questions about tranquilizer use.

7 things to know now: Tillerson on ‘pre-emptive strike’; ‘SNL’ going live; Prince William, Kate

Here's a roundup of news trending across the nation and world today.

What to know now:

1. Tillerson on North Korea: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said a pre-emptive military strike against North Korea would not be off the table if the country continues to build its nuclear weapons program. Tillerson, who is visiting South Korea, said that, "all of the options are on the table” when it comes to defending South Korea and others against aggression from North Korea.

2. Governor pulls case: Murder case reassigned: Florida Gov. Rick Scott transferred a case out of the hands of a state attorney who says she does not support the death penalty. The case of Markeith Loyd, who has been charged in the shooting death of an Orlando police officer, was transferred out of the office of State Attorney Aramis Ayala after Ayala said she did not believe the death penalty served as a useful deterrent to crime. "I have given this issue extensive, painstaking thought and consideration," Ayala said at a news conference Thursday. "What has become abundantly clear through this process is that while I do have discretion to pursue death sentences, I have determined that doing so is not in the best interests of this community or in the best interests of justice." Florida law allows the governor to reassign cases for "good and sufficient" reasons.

3. Erin Go Bragh: It’s St. Patrick’s Day, a day to celebrate the Irish, whether you are one by blood or because you happen to like to wear green. You’ll have a better than average chance of stumbling upon a celebration of the feast day for the patron saint of the Emerald Isle, as it is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States. So, who was Patrick and what did he do? Click here to find out a wee bit more about the man.

4. SNL going really live: Coming next month, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” will do something it’s never done before. For the first time in its 42-year history, the show will air live across every U.S. time zone. The shows on April 15, May 6, May 13 and May 20 will air at 11:30 p.m. Eastern; 10:30 p.m. Central; 9:30 p.m. Mountain and 8:30 p.m. Pacific, with no taped delay. Host for those shows will be Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pine, Melissa McCarthy and Dwayne Johnson, respectively.

5. Madness continues: Most of those expected to survive the first round of the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament – or March Madness did so Thursday. Only favorites Minnesota and Maryland lost in the first round. A full slate of games will take place on Friday, with Kansas, North Carolina, Duke and Louisville playing. Games will be shown on several networks beginning at 12:15 p.m. ET.

And one more

Prince William and Duchess Kate will be visiting Paris on Friday, their first official visit there. The trip will mark the first time Prince William has visited the city as an official representative of the royal family since his mother was killed in a car accident there in 1997.

In case you missed it

Snow is pretty.


Tourists, camera crew avoid injury when Mount Etna erupts

A group of tourists and a television camera crew escaped serious injuries after Mount Etna in Italy erupted Thursday, CNN reported.

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As Europe’s tallest active volcano, located on the island of Sicily, spewed steam and boiling hot rocks, a BBC camera crew and tourists sprinted to nearby vehicles and safely left the area.

Ten people were injured, but none seriously, the Italian news agency Ansa reported.

The explosion took place on the mountain side at an altitude of 9,500 feet near Nicolosi when lava touched the snow on the volcano's peak, Ansa reported, sparking a "phreatic explosion." 

Rebecca Morelle, the BBC's global science correspondent, noted that “explosions like this have killed.”

"Running down a mountain pelted by rocks, dodging burning boulders and boiling steam — not an experience I ever ever want to repeat," she wrote on Twitter.

Morelle later posted a photo on Twitter of camerawoman Rachel Price holding up a jacket with a hole burned through it by a "lump of rock."

Andrea Kiss, a tourist who filmed footage of lava moving down the side of the volcano 30 minutes before the eruption, told CNN that she knew something had happened when "injured people appeared at the cable car station." 

Cruise ship destroys coral reef

A small cruise ship did irreparable damage to an Indonesian coral reef that was listed on the world's most beautiful reefs and now the captain of the ship could be charged with its destruction.

The Caledonian Sky destroyed nearly 140,000 square feet of the underwater reef, CNN reported.

Noble Caledonia, the company that owns the ship, apologized, but only said that the ship ran aground earlier this month, BBC reported.

The company said it will help in the reef's regeneration by creating a fund to help the local economy impacted by the reef's destruction and to help pay for repairs to the coral.

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The ship was undamaged and was refloated after running aground, the BBC reported.

CNN reported that insurance may pay for some of the environment damage, the Indonesian authorities said that the captain committed a crime and could be sent to prison.

Reefs are becoming endangered due to environmental changes.

A recent aerial survey of the Great Barrier Reef showed coral bleaching for the second year. It indicates that the water temperatures are too warm for coral to survive.

<iframe src="//;border=false" width="100%" height="750" frameborder="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe><script src="//;border=false"></script>[View the story "Cruise ship destroys coral reef" on Storify]

200 items
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