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Man shot while practicing self defense drills with loaded gun

A practice in self defense went tragically wrong and now one Memphis man is facing charges.

Melvin Parker and Alvis Sharp were practicing how to disarm someone holding a 9mm pistol.

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Police said, during the drills, Parker did not check if the gun was unloaded, and the gun went off. 

The bullet struck Sharp in the chest.

According to police, the two know each other. 

The victim was transported to a local hospital in critical condition. 

Parker admitted to participating in the drills. 

He is charged with reckless endangerment, being held on $10,000 bond.

Amazon employees enjoy ‘Bring Your Parents to Work Day'

Instead of the typical “bring your child to work day,” Amazon employees got to invite their moms and dads to take a look inside the tech world on Friday.

Amazon staff said about 5,000 parents attended. KIRO 7 met parents from as near as Mukilteo, and as far as India.

Ameya Rahane, a software developer for Amazon Fire TV, said, “This is actually very unusual, and I wasn’t sure why we’re having this day. But it turns out it’s fun.”

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His family happened to be in Seattle from India, and his mom said she was most impressed with seeing developments with Amazon PrimeAir, a drone delivery service still in research and development.

Parents could visit their children’s workplace and also ask questions at different booths in an exhibit hall, where various Amazon initiatives were showcased.

“A lot of the people on my team are actually around my age, so I would say it’s probably only 30 to 70 percent, where only 30 percent have kids,” said Chelsea Lueth, who works for Amazon HR services.

In 2016, a company called PayScale reported that the median age of the Amazon workforce is 30.

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That’s why it may make sense for many employees to have a “bring your parent to work day,” to show other family members what it is they do.

“The inside joke was that maybe would clean up their desks a little bit, because mom and dad were coming to work,” said Ardine Williams, the vice president for talent acquisition for Amazon Web Services.

Williams is proof that the event was not just a moment for millennials and their parents. Williams brought her husband and parents, too.

“I had retired. And this gives me an opportunity for my parents to see what it is that compelled me to continue to work,” she said. “The workplace has changed, and to see what it’s like to work in tech now – I think it’s very important, because it puts reality around what they hear.”

7 things to know now: First debate is tonight; Arnold Palmer dies; LSU fires Les Miles

Here's a roundup of news trending across the nation and world today.

What to know now:

1. Debate night: The first presidential debate is set for Monday night in New York, in what could be one of the most watched events ever on television. Some estimate more than 100 million viewers will tune in to see the first of three debates between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. The national race for the presidency, in some polls, is a dead heat as the two get set to meet for the first time on stage together. (Click here for everything you want to know about the debate).

2. Washington mall shooter: A man who shot and killed five people at a makeup counter in a Burlington, Wash., Macy’s is due in court Monday morning. Arcan Cetin, 20, faces five counts of first-degree murder in  the shooting  deaths Friday. Cetin was captured Saturday after a 20-hour manhunt.

3. Palmer dies: Arnold Palmer, who earned the title of “The King” of golf during his years dominating the sport, died Sunday. Palmer who won seven major victories in his career, and went on to design golf courses and endorse products after retiring, was 87 and had been suffering from heart disease.

4. Les Miles fired: Louisiana State University has fired its head football coach Les Miles. Miles, along with offensive coordinator Cam Cameron were both dismissed Sunday following a loss to Auburn on Saturday. In the loss, LSU appeared to win the game on a last second touchdown pass, but a replay showed the quarterback did not  get the play off before time ran out. Miles had before been criticized for not managing the game clock well. Miles was at LSU for 11 years and won a national championship title there in 2007.

5. Fernandez death: Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez died from blunt force trauma, not drowning following a boating accident early Sunday morning, according to authorities. Fernandez, along with two friends, was killed when the boat they were riding in hit a jetty as they approached a channel near the port of Miami. Florida Wildlife Commission authorities said Fernandez, 24, was a passenger in the boat.

And  one more

Three people, including  a 17- year-old girl have been arrested in connection with the deaths of three people in a Southern California home. Police would not confirm that the 17-year-old was the daughter of the couple who was killed, as some media outlets have reported. The third person killed was a friend of the couple. Two girls, ages 6 and 9, were also found in the home. They were unharmed.

 In case you missed it

Video shows deputies stunning man with hands behind his back

WSB-TV has obtained exclusive showing a Georgia man standing up against a wall in the Richmond County Jail with his hands behind his back, and deputies using their stun guns on him, causing him to have a severe head injury.

WSB-TV's Craig Lucie read through the initial police report of the incident, which states that Carlos Seals was being combative and would not comply.

Seals admitted to Lucie he was using profanity toward the officers, but he said when they told him to get up against the wall, he followed orders and placed his hands behind his back.

A police report said one of the deputies deployed his stun gun, but it didn't connect. It goes on to say that Seals is still combative, so the deputy writes he reached for his stun gun and it connected.

The incident happened on Aug. 30, 2015.

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Video shows Seals enter a secure area in the Richmond County Jail in Augusta.

“I screamed and everything was over with,” Seals told Lucie.

The video shows Seals had his face against the wall and hands behind his back when you see two deputies fire their stun guns.

“I watched him come through the door and he say pop his [expletive]. As soon as said that, dude shot me back,” Seals told Lucie.

When Seals hit the floor, he was knocked out.

The video shows four deputies standing over him, and after a minute and half, one of them checks his pulse.

Deputy Donnie Crawford wrote that Seals was being combative and wouldn't comply.

“None of those facts applied. He was in the surrender position,” said DeKalb County-based attorney Anita Lamar.

“I'd rather go by the video rather than what they say is on the video," Craig Jones of the Orlando Firm said.

Lamar and Craig Jones filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Richmond County Deputy Donnie Crawford and Deputy Christopher Alexis over the incident.

Sheriff's officials said they can’t comment but did say they terminated Crawford and no action was taken against Alexis.

“You don't shoot a dart and then run electricity through the dart unless they are violently resisting you,” Jones said.

“They are refusing to pay the bills, so now not only does he have injuries to deal with but has bills to pay,” Lamar said.

Seals has more than $20,000 in medical bills.

Right now, officials are in the discovery phase of the case. It could take more than two years if the Sheriff's Office doesn't settle and decide to go to a jury trial. 

Dozens show support after deaf woman is refused service at Dunkin' Donuts

A deaf woman who was outraged by the way a Dunkin' Donuts employee treated her is getting support from her community.

Jessica Sanzillo said she's a frequent customer at a Framingham, Massachusetts, Dunkin' Donuts and uses a texting app to order through the drive-through. She said she writes her order and what her kids want on her phone, and then will drive up the window and show them her order.

But when she drove up earlier this month, she said she was refused service because she didn't use the speaker and would not be served her coffee unless she came inside. 

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"There were three other workers there that know me, that see me every day. When the server refused to serve me my drink, none of the three people came over and told him that it wasn't OK, that she's a routine customer, she's deaf. They didn't say anything. They just stood back and watched," she told WFXT.

On Sunday, Sanzillo and several others went through that drive-through and ordered like a deaf person would. They hope this sends a message to others.

"To see, to get them the experience of people that work at Dunkin' Donuts. To know what it's like for when a deaf person is going to come through the drive-through and how to approach that better in the future,” Sanzillo told WFXT through an interpreter Friday.

Hearing people and others who have deaf family members came out to the rally, as well.

"As a parent of a deaf child, I would never want William to be excluded from anything, and so thinking of him wanting to get a cup of coffee later in life and being told he couldn't go through the drive-through like everybody else really upset me,” one parent said.Dunkin' Donuts apologized for the initial incident and said the employee involved has been fired. Read the company's statement below:

"At Dunkin' Donuts, providing a friendly and welcoming restaurant environment for all of our guests is a top priority. We are aware of the guest complaint regarding the franchised Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant at 334 Waverly St. in Framingham. We have been informed that upon learning of the customer complaint, the restaurant’s franchisee who owns and operates this restaurant spoke with the guest to apologize for the experience and to try to resolve the matter. Additionally, the franchisee informs us he has terminated the crew member involved in the incident. Franchisees are required by their franchise agreement to comply with all applicable laws."

MLB stars, athletes pay tribute to Jose Fernandez, dead at 24

Early Sunday, Miami Marlins star pitcher Jose Fernandez died at age 24 in a boating accident off Miami Beach. Fernandez is survived by his family, which includes his grandmother, his mother and his girlfriend, Carla Mendoza, who Fernandez recently revealed was pregnant with their child.

>> Marlins Pitcher Jose Fernandez has died

Fernandez's fun-loving and enthusiastic demeanor, both on and off of the field, left a lasting impression on not only the Miami sports community but also the sports world as a whole.

Several prominent South Florida sports figures and teams tweeted out their condolences to Fernandez’s family and friends.

>> PHOTOS: Remembering Jose Fernandez

The baseball community also took to social media to mourn the loss of a teammate and competitor that they had grown to respect during his impressive, yet all-too-short four-year MLB career.

>> WATCH: Jose Fernandez reunites with grandmother in heartwarming 2013 video

Fellow National League All-Star and Cuban Yoenis Cespedes paid tribute to Fernandez by taping a Mets jersey with Fernandez’s name and number on it in the Mets dugout. The team posted video of the tribute on Twitter.

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WATCH: Jose Fernandez reunites with grandmother in heartwarming 2013 video

Grab the tissues.

In 2013, the Miami Marlins arranged for Jose Fernandez’s grandmother, Olga, to travel to the United States to see her grandson pitch in the major league for the first time in six years.

>> Watch the video here

During an interview, Fernandez talked about how much his grandmother meant to him while he was living in Cuba as a child. He showed off a tattoo he got in his mother and grandmother’s honor.

“My mom doesn’t know as much about baseball as my grandma. My grandma is a baseball freak,” he said. The interviewer than asked if he could send his grandmother a message, what he would say. “Everything that I do is for her. I am going to keep working hard and one day, hopefully, she is going to see me here.”

>> Marlins Pitcher Jose Fernandez has died

He was very frank when asked what she would say to him if she were there: “I don’t think she would be here.”

As he talked in front of the camera, his grandmother and mother walked into the room and completely blew Fernandez away.

>> PHOTOS: Remembering Jose Fernandez

The two embraced for some time. “Oh, my God,” he said.

“I wanted to show her everything I did during the season, because she couldn’t be with me,” he said. He also revealed that it was his grandmother who taught him how to catch a baseball.

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Later, Olga witnessed her grandson with the Rookie of the Year award and saw him play baseball at Marlins Park. During the game, Fernandez joked that his grandmother would probably have some pointers for him after the game.

Fernandez died in the early hours of Sept. 25 after a boat he was riding crashed into rocks in Miami. He and the two other passengers died as a result of the crash.

Photos: Remembering Arnold Palmer

Golf legend Arnold Palmer dead at 87

200 items
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