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Here’s how much fruit juice children should drink, according to new guidelines

Next time you're grocery shopping for your kids, think twice before adding a carton of fruit juice to your basket. The American Academy of Pediatrics has updated its guidelines on all juices, advising parents to pull back on how much they serve their little ones.

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Previous recommendations said parents should wait to give their babies juice until after six months, but its latest update is suggesting that they wait one year. 

In fact, infants should only be fed breast milk or infant formula for the first six months. After six months, moms and dads can then introduce fruit to their diet, but not fruit juice. 

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“Parents may perceive fruit juice as healthy, but it is not a good substitute for fresh fruit and just packs in more sugar and calories,” said Melvin B. Heyman, MD, FAAP, co-author of the statement. “Small amounts in moderation are fine for older kids, but are absolutely unnecessary for children under 1.”

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Scientists laid out instructions for older children, too. Toddlers who are ages 1 to 4 should only have one cup of fruit a day. Four ounces of that can come from 100 percent fruit juice, but it should be pasteurized and not labeled “drink,” “beverage” or cocktail.” 

For children ages 4 to 6, fruit juice intake shouldn't exceed four to six ounces a day. 

The amount increases just slightly for children ages 7 to 18. They can have up to two and a half cups of fruit servings, but only eight ounces of it should be juice. 

Malnourished baby dies after health-conscious parents fed him strict diet

A 7-month-old baby died after his parents fed him only gluten-free and lactose-free foods, including quinoa milk, the New York Post reported.

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The child’s Belgian parents self-diagnosed him with an array of food allergies, but never sought a medical professional’s opinion before deciding on his diet, according to the newspaper.

“The parents determined their own diagnosis that their child was gluten intolerant and had a lactose allergy,” lawyers said in court during the trial for the child’s 2014 death, the Independent reported. “Not a single doctor had a dossier about Lucas and child protection services did not know about them.”

At the time of his death, baby Lucas weighed fewer than 10 pounds, which is only half the size of an average baby his age. An autopsy later found that his stomach was completely empty when he died, and his official cause of death was dehydration and malnutrition, according to the New York Post. 

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In court, the child’s parents said that they never took him to a doctor because they didn’t notice that anything was wrong with him. His mother said that sometimes Lucas would gain a little weight and then lose it, and that his parents thought such weight fluctuations were normal. They eventually took him to a homeopathic doctor, who insisted that they take him to a real hospital. By the time they did, it was too late. The hospital pronounced him dead on arrival.

In addition to quinoa milk, Lucas’ parents fed him oat milk, rice milk, buckwheat milk and semolina milk from the natural foods store they own, according to the Independent. While doctors warn that such a diet will not sustain an infant that age, the parents’ lawyer argued that wasn’t the case and that Lucas died for another reason.

“Lucas had an eating disorder. He got cramps when he was fed with a bottle, and his parents tried out alternatives,” the couple’s attorney, Karine Van Meirvenne, said, according to the Daily Mail.

The parents’ trial began this week. Each faces up to 18 months in prison for contributing to the infant’s death.

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Girl choked on fidget spinner part, needed surgery, mom says

A Texas mother is warning others about fidget spinners, the latest toy craze, after her daughter choked on a piece of the toy. 

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Kelly Rose Joniec of Houston said she and her 10-year-old daughter, Britton, were on their way home Saturday when Kelly heard Britton choking in the back seat. According to the post, Kelly pulled over and found Britton had swallowed one of the bearings from her fidget spinner. 

After an unsuccessful attempt to remove the small piece of metal with the Heimlich maneuver, Kelly took Britton to the nearest urgent care center, she wrote in the post. 

An X-ray revealed the round metal bearing was lodged in the girl’s esophagus and required immediate surgery. 

In a Facebook post, Joniec wrote, "Britton was taken to surgery to endoscopically locate and remove the object. Fortunately, we had a positive outcome, but it was pretty scary there for a while ... not only because of the initial ingestion, but then the concern about the composition and structure of the object, and finally, the risk with general anesthesia." 

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In a statement to CNN, the Joneic family said, "Our full attention and focus is on caring for our daughter and ensuring she continues to lead a healthy life." 

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CNN said efforts to reach the makers of the fidget spinner for comment were not successful. According to a CNN report, Learning Express Toys, which carries the gadgets online and in stores across the country, has a warning for consumers on its website. 

The warning states that their fidget spinners contain small parts that present a choking hazard, and are not for children under 3 years old.

Brantley Gilbert, wife Amber expecting baby in November

If babies were flowers, then we’d all be walking through a country music garden this year. And after several years of trying, we’ve just learned that Brantley Gilbert and wife Amber will be adding their own little blossom to the field.

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Brantley and Amber have not shied away from the subject of babies since they married just two years ago. In multiple interviews, the country star admitted that they were trying, but no announcement came. That is, until now.

In an interview with People, the country star said the delay in adding to their family was beyond their control. Brantley explains, “We’d been to see a fertility specialist, and two different folks that told me it would be close to a miracle if it happened without IVF. I’m not much of a quitter, but I was really, really frustrated.”

Still, the couple waited to start in vitro fertilization. Then in February, Amber had a surprise for her husband while they were on the road. “She handed me a box and there were three pregnancy tests in there and all of them were positive,” Brantley says. “I think I stared at it for at least two minutes without saying anything because I was literally in shock. We’d been told it was just not in the cards, and I’m staring at this answer to many, many, many prayers.”

Of course, they’re both excited, but the outlaw country star, who is actually a teddy bear, admits, “I’m not an emotional guy, but this has got me crying like a baby. I’m pretty good around other folks now, but when I’m by myself, if I look at one of the pictures from the doctor’s office, I lose a few tears.”

Brantley and Amber’s first baby is due in November and the couple is planning to learn the gender in the coming weeks.

Police officer donating kidney to sick boy she just met

A police officer is taking her oath to a whole new level, protecting and serving one of the young members of the community by donating her kidney.

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Officer Lindsey Bittorf of the Milton, Wisconsin, Police Department saw a plea on Facebook in December by Kristi Goll, who was desperate to find a kidney donor for her 8-year-old son, Jackson.

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Jackson was born with posterior urethral valves, family members told WISN.

Bittorf was tested and learned that she is a match for Jackson. Doctors were shocked to find such a strong match in someone who wasn’t a blood relative.

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Bittorf surprised the family with the good news at their home. The touching moment was captured on video.

“I took an oath to serve and protect our community,” Bittorf told Jackson, “and now my kidney’s going to serve and protect you.”

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Social Security Administration releases most popular baby names list

The list of most popular baby names for 2016 is in.

Each year, the Social Security Administration breaks down the findings by top overall,  for the decade, by state and U.S. territories, and change in popularity.

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For the past three years, the two names atop the lists for girls and boys has been the same: Emma followed by Olivia for girls, with Noah followed by Liam for boys, according to the Social Security Administration.

William at No. 3, Mason at No. 4, and James at No. 5, rounded out the top five names for the boys, and Ava at No. 3, Sophia at No. 4, and Isabella at No. 5. 

Also, the most drastic climb in name ranking for male births was Kylo, which started at 3,269th and now is 901st, according to the SSA

The name Kylo could be inspired by Kylo Ren, a character from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Kehlani holds the highest popularity increase for female births from 2015 to 2016, up 2,487 spots to 872. 

Kehlani is the name of  singer-songwriter Kehlani Parrish, who is increasing in mainstream popularity since releasing her debut album in January and having notable singles earlier.

The top 10 baby names can be seen in the video below:

The top 10 in list form can be found below:

Male names:

  1. Noah
  2. Liam
  3. William
  4. Masin
  5. James
  6. Benjamin
  7. Jacob
  8. Michael
  9. Elijah
  10. Ethan

Female names:

  1. Emma
  2. Olivia
  3. Ava
  4. Sophia
  5. Isabella
  6. Mia
  7. Charlotte
  8. Abigail
  9. Emily
  10. Harper

Russell Wilson faces backlash after posting Mother's Day message to wife Ciara

Russell Wilson got some heat from fans of rapper Future for a post on social media in honor of Mother’s Day.

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The pro football quarterback took to Instagram on Sunday to wish his wife, singer Ciara, a happy Mother’s Day.

“Nothing better than spending time with you. You are an amazing mom & I’m so grateful I get to spend the rest of my life with you & raising our kids. I love you! #HappyMothersDay Weekend my love. @Ciara,” he wrote. 

Wilson and Ciara just welcomed their first child together, daughter Sienna Princess. Ciara also has a 3-year-old son from a previous relationship with rapper Future. 

Future’s fans were quick to point out the use of the word “our” in Wilson’s tribute, because he is not the biological father of her son.

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“Russ, go worry about your done career. The man’s child can never be yours,” one follower wrote.

“You can call him your son, but you did no work to make that child, so try again,” another Instagram user said.

Several of Wilson’s fans were quick to jump to his defense and applauded him for referring to his stepson as his own.

“He’s doing a great job,” one commenter wrote. “When you marry, you take on that role as a father to her child! What’s the fuss about anyway?”

“Being a stepfather, I’ll never get in the way of the relationship of my son and his dad,” one man wrote. “But if he is with me, I feed, clothe and help raise him. Then he's my son. If (a child’s biological father) didn't want that, (he) should’ve married (his child’s mother). Or try to get full custody. That probably won't happen. So (in) other words, it’s our son.”

Mom dies saving daughter from out-of-control car on Mother's Day

Tragedy struck a family on Mother’s Day in Lindenhurst, New York, when an 80-year-old woman, who reportedly had backed up her car and thought she put the car in drive, jumped a curb and pinned 55-year-old Diane Aluska against a wall, killing her.

>> Watch the news report here

According to the New York Daily News, the mother was walking to her car with her 16-year-old daughter, Jenna, after Sunday Mass. Aluska sacrificed her life for her daughter, pushing her out of harm’s way, according to police and witnesses.

“(The elderly woman) thought that she had put it in drive. She left it in reverse, hit the gas, started speeding backwards, lost control, and jumped the sidewalk,” Suffolk County Detective Sgt. James Murphy told reporters. “Her mom sees the car jump the curb, she actually grabs her by her shoulder and pushes her. She saved her life, without a doubt.”

>> Mother shot in head in front of infant child on Mother’s Day

Witness Joe Biggs described what he saw to WCBS.

“At the last second, you could see the mother kind of throw the daughter out of the way and sacrifice herself to try and save her own daughter, so that was pretty heartfelt,” Biggs said.

The teen reportedly sustained non-life-threatening injuries after being clipped by the vehicle rather than being pinned against a wall like her mother. Both she and her mother were rushed to Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center, police said.

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Before that, bystanders lifted the car off Aluska and performed CPR, police said. Aluska was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The driver of the 2005 Toyota Corolla reportedly has been identified as Ann Riolo, who also suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Police said the incident “appears to be non-criminal” and “just a terrible accident.”

Charges are not expected.

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Melania Trump's 2006 interview highlights her first months of motherhood

Editor’s note: Melania Trump celebrated her first Mother’s Day as a new mother on May 14, 2006, after the birth of her son, Barron, on March 20 of that year. In an interview at the time with the Palm Beach Daily News, Donald and Melania Trump talked about being new parents.

As the first family celebrates its first Mother’s Day in the White House, take a look back with this story from our archives.

» Complete coverage: President Donald Trump in Palm Beach

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 

All is “rite” with the world today, as Melania Trump marks her first Mother’s Day as a mom.

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She walked down the aisle last year in Palm Beach, taking the hand of Donald John Trump in marriage before a full house of friends, family and international celebrities at The Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea.

Melania gave birth to her first child on March 20 in New York and turned 36 about five weeks later.

» Melania Trump visits girls at HomeSafe in Lake Worth

In a recent interview, Melania shared some thoughts on being a new mother and her childhood memories of the holiday in Slovenia.

Melania and their otrok, the Slovenian word for “baby,” will spend today with her mother and father, Amalia and Viktor Knavs. They will go out for lunch or dine at home, a luxurious residence in Trump Tower, also home of the “Apprentice” boardroom. As one might expect with a new-baby household, the plans are loose.

» Photos: Melania Trump through the years

What is the best part of motherhood?

“The love. It’s unconditional love. (Being a new mother is) wonderful. Every mother knows this. It’s a miracle almost, I could say, that two people can create. It’s very, very special.

“You can watch the baby, every move he makes. It’s just amazing. A great, great experience. I was very lucky. I had a beautiful pregnancy. Everyone is healthy and happy.”

Does Barron remind you of any relatives?

“He reminds me of Donald. And a little bit of my dad. The baby looks like Donald. He has my eyes, and beautiful brown hair. He has long fingers and long legs.”

What is he like so far?

“A very happy baby. He’s a very, very calm baby; he doesn’t cry a lot. He’s up throughout the day and has a good appetite. He’s very curious. He wants to see (what’s going on), and he loves company.

“I can see he could be very tough, also. He lets you know what he wants with communication, when they see the bottle and when you’re putting him in the position to feed him.”

What kind of advice did your mother give you, and did you follow it?

“She was a great mother. She is. She had two babies, me and my sister. She knows what is good for a baby’s stomach and for his skin.”

Even if you were not a supermodel, many people would think that regaining your head-turning figure would be a high priority. Is that the case, or were you comfortable with letting your body adjust naturally? Any advice for other new mothers?

“Every woman should wait before exercising. The body needs to heal. Start slowly with exercise after six or seven weeks. I didn’t have any problems. It’s genes, also, that’s how my body is. But I’m not nervous about that. I won’t get crazy about it. I feel very well and very healthy, and (weight) will go off by itself.”

“(Women who push it too hard or too soon will be) tired and get headaches (and have) no energy. That’s not very healthy.”

Slovenians pay tribute to mothers on March 8. How do the two holidays compare?

“For me, it’s my first time here for Mother’s Day. In Slovenia, as a child in school, we always made a present in class to give to our mother. One year, I drew a picture of my mother. She saved it. When I look back, it’s really funny. A beautiful picture. Very strong colors. I saw it the last time I was at home.”

What are some of your favorite childhood memories of Mother’s Day?

“The family gets together. My sister, my dad and my mom. We would plan it so my mom didn’t know. We went together to buy flowers and presents for her. We made lunch and spent time together.”

How is your husband adapting?

“Donald has a special relationship (with Barron). He spends time with him every morning and every evening. Sometimes we visit him in the office. Donald wakes up early and gets him out of the crib. They talk for an hour. It’s very special.”

Your nanny, Clare Hollywood, helps with Barron. How has being a mother changed your lifestyle?

“We’re spending more time together. If (an event) is not important, I prefer to give the baby a bath and put him in bed. I prefer that to some outing that is not my interest. The baby is more fun. The baby knows who the mother is. They can feel it. It’s important to spend as much time with the baby as possible. In one way, we still need to have a life.”

» Photos: Melania Trump and Peng Liyuan at Bak Middle School of the Arts

Tony Senecal, Trump’s butler at Mar-a-Lago — who has watched the couple throughout their courtship, marriage and triumphant introduction of Barron to his Palm Beach crib — shared his perspective: “Both of them are so great with that baby. I really think this child is going to be special for both of them. Mr. Trump loves him, you can see it. And what a great baby! He’s the sweetest child. He has his mother’s disposition, his dad’s mouth and his grandfather’s hairline.”

Part of adapting to Barron’s arrival involves occasionally spending time apart, as Trump, 59, was in California last week on business. Barron is Donald’s fifth child. Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric are in their 20s. Tiffany is 12.

In a separate interview, Donald Trump shared his thoughts:

How will you spend the holiday in Palm Beach?

“We’re having a big Mother’s Day luncheon at Mar-a-Lago, and I’ll go home early to see Melania and the baby.”

Is it an occasion for gifts?

“I gave her the ultimate gift.”

What has changed since Donnie was a baby?

“The difference primarily is, I’m a little older. But it’s amazing how similar it is. It’s been 27 years since the first time I lifted a baby out of the crib. It never changes. I take great care of the baby.

“He looks more like Melania. And he’s like her in temperament. Very calm. Which is not easy when you’re around me.”

Has parenting altered your hectic schedule?

“No, it hasn’t changed. It’s just great to have him with us. I love being with Barron and Melania. It’s really great. Having that beautiful baby at home.”

Is there a tiny tycoon in the making?

“When I read the paper, if Barron is awake, I bring him downstairs. I read aloud a little bit. You never know what sinks in.”

» What you don’t know about first lady Melania Trump

13 lb, toddler-sized baby surprises doctors

A big baby boy is home after spending more than a week in the hospital.

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Jenna Reyes gave birth to her son, Raymond Reyes, at Mercy Medical Center in Merced, California, on April 30.

Reyes told KFSN she opted to have a C-section, since she was expecting a 10-11 pound baby. But when Raymond arrived, he was bigger than anyone expected. He weighed in at 13.5 pounds.

“I’ve worked in labor deliver for about seven years, and the largest baby I’ve ever seen was a little bit over 10 pounds, so 13 pounds is a big baby. I’ve never seen one that big,” nurse Jessica Newton said.

Reyes said clothes and diapers for newborns are too small for her new son.

“Nothing fits him,” she told KFSN. “(He) uses size two Pampers, three to six months clothes.”

Reyes told KFSN Raymond was taken by the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to be treated for jaundice and low calcium and sodium levels.

After spending a week in the NICU, Raymond was taken home and is thriving.

His big sister has promised to help take care of her new brother but insists, “I’m still the baby girl of the house.”

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