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French Sexologists Mowed a Giant Clit Into a Field So You'll Never Struggle to Find It Again

In the mood for some hilarious news? ::everyone raises hand:: Here we go: Fed up with the way sex-ed and biology textbooks cover ignore female pleasure, French sexologists Marie-Noelle Lanuit and Jean-Claude decided to mow a giant clit into a field next to a high school (naturally). Their 400-foot creation is part of a campaign to help raise awareness around female sexuality, and although some locals thought it was an octopus, we got the awesome message loud and clear: Photo: Marie-Noëlle Lanuit and Jean-Claude Piquard "[The clitoris] is sometimes named, but it is never drawn in textbooks in the complete form. In books it is usually presented as a small bean," Lanuit told French newspaper Midi-Libre. Which is why French people are making major moves (like making a life-size, anatomically correct 3D model) to give the clit the recognition it deserves— and we're absolutely on board.

Woman gives birth at Walmart, receives belated baby shower at store

A Utah woman who gave birth at Walmart returned to the store for a belated baby shower.

Cecilia Rivas had labor pains while shopping at Walmart earlier this month. Her water broke and she delivered a baby boy in the checkout aisle, according to KSTU. Employees and customers assisted with the delivery, and mother and baby are doing well.

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Rivas and newborn son Matias returned to the store Wednesday for a surprise baby shower. The new mother received a stroller, baby clothes and plenty of diapers. Rivas said she was grateful for the assistance she received during the birth and for the gifts she received at the shower.

Man learns why his dog sneezed, had nosebleeds for 6 months

A Michigan man and his dog are getting back into their normal routine after the dog had a five-inch stick removed from its nasal cavity.

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Mark Kovicak told WXMI that his 2-year-old beagle, Rex, chased a rabbit into a wood lot in April and came out of the lot "acting strange."

"I knew something wasn't right," Kovicak told Inside Edition. "Rex and I went walking into the woods, and he came out and had blood all over his nose."

Kovicak took Rex to the vet, who flushed out Rex's nose and prescribed antibiotics for any possible infection.

But the once playful dog continued sneezing and having a runny nose for six months. Periodic vet visits didn't help.

It wasn't until Kovicak took Rex to BluePearl Veterinary Partners to get a CT scan that the dog owner got answers.

"It was a very long stick in his left nasal cavity," said veterinarian Amanda Conkling. "He couldn't breathe out of that side." 

Doctors pulled a five-inch stick out of Rex's nose with forceps. Luckily, Rex, whose snout is between two and three inches long, didn't suffer damage to any soft tissue, WXMI reported.

"Our doctors see a fair amount of strange foreign bodies, but usually, they've been swallowed, and usually, they're not found in a pet's nose," Carrie O’Brion, communications manager for BluePearl, told CBS News.

Kristopher Sharpe, a doctor at BluePearl, said the size of the stick affected Rex more than a smaller stick would have.

"The body attempts to wall off and remove any foreign object within the nose. If the stick was significantly smaller, then his immune system would have walled it off and slowly broken down the material," Sharpe explained. "Given the size of the stick, his body would have attempted to wall off the inflammation, but the wood material would have remained."

Kovicak told Inside Edition that Rex is "back to 100 percent now."

"He came out, I think, at 3:30 or something, and by 6 o'clock, he was frolicking around," he told USA Today. "His energy level was right back, kind of where I remembered it, prior to this all happening."

"If you're struggling to find a diagnosis with a pet, (don't) give up," Kovicak told WXMI.

Conkling recommended dogs wear protective netting over their orafices to prevent foreign objects from entering the nose and ears.

Posted by Mark Kovicak on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

These NSFW Photos Get Super Real About the Before and After of Extreme Weight Loss

Extreme weight loss is a life-altering experience—both physically and emotionally. For Samantha Geballe, a photographer from California, gastric bypass surgery made her "two adults smaller," but it was not an automatic path to happiness. The photographer documented her entire weight-loss process through self-portraits. But her photos are unlike any other before-and-afters you've seen—and no, it's not because they're nude. Gebelle told Refinery29 that the photos were her way of coming to terms with her new body. "It became a way of being kind to myself," she said. "I continue to photograph myself now because I need to see... I want to understand and accept myself." We are so moved by the raw, honest emotion captured in each shot. Its what makes the photos relatable to anyone who's ever struggled to accept their body—even if their story isn't quite the same: Taken the morning of her gastric bypass procedure. Taken just after the procedure. Taken exactly one year after the procedure. Taken after she saw herself for the first time. All photos: Samantha Geballe See the full photo series on Geballe's Instagram and website.

The Surprising Way We Romanticize Mental Illness—and Why It Has to Stop

There’s been a lot of discussion around destigmatizing mental illness, but not quite as much about how we occasionally tend to romanticize it. Stick with us: There's a widely held belief that creativity and genius is often linked—and fueled—by madness. Sylvia Plath and Ernest Hemingway are just a couple of examples that come to mind. As superstar author John Green (The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska) recently explained at a NerdCon conference: "If you google the phrase ‘all artists are,’ the first suggestion is ‘mad.’ We hear that genius is next to insanity; we see Carrie Mathison on Homeland going off her meds so that she can discover the identity of the terrorists and save America." Green, who struggles with mental health issues himself, continued to discuss just how unhealthy that notion is, and how even someone with his level of success (we’re talking an award-winning, New York Times bestselling author here) can still fall victim to it: "I went off my medication to try to write a novel, because I bought into the dangerous romantic lie. I’m embarrassed to tell you that, but yeah. I hadn’t written a book in years, and I felt desperate to write something. I blamed my medication, so I decided that to write, I would go off of it… Here is what I wrote during the collapse of last year: Nothing that made sense. …So I want to say that, yes, I am mentally ill. I’m not embarrassed about it. And I have written my best work not when flirting with the brink, but when treating my chronic health problem with consistency and care." He further emphasized that “getting help—although it is hard and exhausting and inexcusably difficult to access—will not make you less of an artist.” And that’s a message we don’t mind spreading.

Which Halloween candies are the unhealthiest?

Time for candy corn, cavities and upset stomachs. It’s Halloween season, and there will be plenty of candy for kids and parents to munch. But, which ones should you avoid? Most of them aren’t great for you, but a specific few are especially bad.

In a list on The Daily Meal, the website listed staple candy favorites such as 3 Musketeers, Sour Patch Kids, Milky Way, Butterfingers and Snickers among the unhealthiest candy given out at Halloween. 

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According to The Daily Meal, 3 Musketeers was listed as the unhealthiest candy because one bar contains 240 calories, 36 grams of sugar, and 5 grams of saturated fat. Even though it advertises itself as the “lighter way,” the site says the candy bar “contains trans-fat hiding in the form of hydrogenated palm kernel oil.”

Other unhealthy facts include: 36 grams of sugar and 140 calories in one 2-ounce box of Sour Patch Kids, 275 calories and 29 grams of sugar in one Butterfingers bar, 24 grams of sugar and 250 calories in one fun size pack of Twix and 50 calories and 12 grams of sugar in one mini box of Nerds.

Deputy saves stray kitten trapped in truck door, then adopts it

Seminole County Deputy Anthony McDaniel was patrolling a neighborhood in Winter Springs when he got an alert from a frantic resident.

The woman was desperately trying to free a stray kitten that had gotten stuck inside the door panel of a Dodge truck, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said on its Facebook page.

Several other deputies and Seminole County Animal Services also responded, but could not free the tiny black kitten.

“At first, nothing seemed to work,” the SCSO Facebook post said. “Every time they tried to move the door, even just a little, the tiny feline would get pinched.”

That’s when McDaniel had an idea.

He used baby oil to grease up the kitten and very carefully closed the door in hopes that it would free the kitten from the hinge.

“As he (closed the door), the tiny black kitten slipped out of the hinge and was freed from the door,” the SCSO post said.

The woman who reported the trapped kitten took him to the veterinarian and would have adopted him, but her other cats would not accept the newcomer.

“So she announced on Facebook that she was looking for a ‘fur-ever’ home for the kitten,” the sheriff’s office wrote. “Deputy McDaniel saw the post and knew he had to act.

“He and his family adopted the kitten and appropriately named him Dodge.”

DEPUTY RESCUES AND ADOPTS STRAY KITTEN: Last week Deputy Anthony McDaniel was patrolling a Winter Springs neighborhood...Posted by Seminole County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, October 19, 2016


WATCH: Man's video of heavenly sight in clouds goes viral

A South Carolina man's video of a heavenly figure in the sky is going viral.

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According to "Today," Cory Hearon, 37, captured a Facebook Live video of a cloud that resembles an angel hovering over the city of Camden. 

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"I almost didn't video it," Hearon said. "It was the first time I had seen something that remarkable with my own two eyes."

The clip has been shared more than 260,000 times and has more than 7.5 million views. 

Read more here.

>> Click here to watch

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