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Loving dad transforms son's wheelchair into 'Ghostbusters' Halloween costume

Jeremy Miller’s dad designs the best Halloween costumes for him, and we think this year’s costume is the most impressive yet.

Eight-year-old Jeremy was born with spina bifida and he relies on a wheelchair to get around. Every year for Halloween, his dad goes all-out, designing a custom costume.

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This year, the California boy will be driving around the neighborhood in a "Ghostbusters" Ecto-1 car. The vehicle even features a working siren.

Last year, dad Ryan Miller built Jeremy a Star Wars Snow Speeder.

Rogue squadron! #starwars #costume A photo posted by Ryan Scott Miller (@ryansmiller) on Oct 29, 2015 at 9:52pm PDT

The year before that, Jeremy was Captain America riding on his signature motorcycle.

Jeremy in his wheelchair as Captain America on his motorcycle! #halloween A video posted by Ryan Scott Miller (@ryansmiller) on Oct 25, 2014 at 8:56pm PDT

Another photo on Miller’s Instagram shows Jeremy dressed as a pirate in a pirate ship.

Jeremy and the Neverland Pirates! A photo posted by Ryan Scott Miller (@ryansmiller) on Oct 20, 2012 at 5:51pm PDT

Miller says the elaborate costumes give Jeremy a welcomed confidence boost.

"When he’s out at school and things like that, he has his friends, but sometimes they run and they just leave him behind," Miller told the Today Show. "Part of the reason we do this is because people come to him, so he’s the center of attention, and he loves it."

Miller says he’s happy to brighten his son’s Halloween in whatever way he can.

"He’s a great kid and he’s able to do so many things that just astound us. This is just another way to help him feel special and help him realize that even though he can’t do some things, he can do a lot of other things that are great."

Check out a slideshow of Jeremy's costume below:

Amazing Ghostbusters Ecto1 Wheelchair Halloween Costume

Therapy dogs in Halloween costumes a real treat

A group of costumed, four-legged visitors to a hospital in Iowa brought treats, no tricks.

On Oct. 12, dogs participating in UnityPoint Health’s Animal-Assisted Therapy program sported Halloween costumes as they made their rounds, greeting patients and staff at the hospital.

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Our Animal Assisted Therapy dogs are in the spirit of October and dressed up for #halloween before their rounds at the...Posted by UnityPoint Health - Des Moines on Wednesday, October 12, 2016  

According to UnityPoint Health’s Facebook page, Thor, Champ, Cooper, Marco Polo and Cheer participated in the Halloween-themed visit.


Walmart pulls controversial 'suicide scar' costume makeup amid complaints

Walmart has pulled one of its controversial Halloween accessories after critics slammed it as making light of suicide and self-harm, according to multiple reports.

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More than 600 people signed a petition to have the costume, called "The Razor Blade Suicide Scar Wound Latex Costume Makeup," pulled from Walmart's online listings.

"This is not just a disgrace to the sensitivity to those who suffer from self-harm, but a shame on Walmart for making light of the situation," the petition said. "Suicide is not a joke, not a costume, and not funny. … Many people are life-long sufferers of self-harm. Many are bullied, and now they are being bullied by Walmart. This has to stop."

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

The petition was closed Sunday after Walmart released a statement disavowing the costume makeup and pulled it from its online listings.

According to Walmart, the costume was listed on its website by a third-party seller.

"The costume is appalling and it was unacceptable for a third-party seller to list it on our marketplace," Walmart employees said in a statement released to WABC. "It clearly violated our prohibited items policy and we removed it yesterday morning when it was brought to our attention."

WABC identified the third-party seller as BlockBuster Costumes LLC. In a statement on the company's Facebook page, BlockBuster Costumes announced it had taken the offending costume makeup off its website.

"To those contacting us about our suicide costume we've removed the offending product from our site," according to a post made Monday. "It shouldn't have been marketed as such."

Could one season of youth football affect a child's brain?

Millions of children suit up every year to play youth football, but a new study raised concerns about the impact on their brains after playing a single season.

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Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center analyzed the number of hits to the head that a player likely received over the course of a season. They suited up 25 players with helmets with sensors inside to measure the frequency and severity of the impacts.

The researchers recorded every hit at every practice and in every game, monitoring to make sure they were contact hits and not players dropping a helmet.

Researchers analyzed brain images before and after the season.

Dr. Chris Whitlow, an associate professor and chief of neuroradiology at Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and the study's lead author, said there were changes in the brain’s white matter, which he defined as "the different wires that connect the different parts of the brain for function to take place."

The more hits the head took, the more change doctors said they saw.

"These are not changes you would be able to see with your naked eye," Whitlow said. "These are very, very subtle changes."

Whitlow said there are still many unanswered questions and parents shouldn't be alarmed.

"There's a lot of things we don't know," Whitlow said. "We don't know if they persist. We don't know if they go away after the season. We don't know if there are even more changes if people play multiple seasons."

Those answers could be years away. Researchers say more information is needed to understand whether the changes could lead to negative long-term health issues.

13 Workout Leggings Under $50 That Won't Fall Apart

Workout gear is one of those things you don't really want to spend a lot of money on. But as activewear—or, dare we say, "athleisure"—continues to be a huge trend, the cost of cute leggings is skyrocketing. Luckily there are still plenty of brands creating affordable gear that's not only fashionable (hello, pretty patterns!), but functional. We rounded up 13 pairs of our favorite leggings that won't break the bank—but will stand up to dozens of workouts and washes without falling apart. Because it's not worth spending a dime on new leggings if they end up shrunken, stretched out, or see-through after just one wash. Amirite? Freedom by C9 Champion Performance Legging Photo: C9 Champion These tights (shown above in pink Camo Romance) are high quality without the high price tag. They feature flat seams (a.k.a. no chafing!) and four-way stretch, so they're extra comfy during low-impact workouts like yoga or Pilates.Available at, $27.99. Old Navy Go-Dry High-Rise Compression Legging Photo: Old Navy You know when a pair of leggings hugs your body in all the right places? These are that. Feel free to bust out a super-sweaty workout (the stretchy, snug fabric is also moisture-wicking) or simply throw these on to Netflix and chill.Available at, $15-$16.97. Under Armour HeatGear Armour Leggings Photo: Under Armour The perfect pick for a humid day or a hot yoga class, these super-light leggings feel like a second skin. Plus, thanks to antimicrobial technology, sweat-drenched workouts won't leave you stinky.Available at, $44.99. Reebok Workout-Ready Reversible Legging Photo: Reebok You can't beat two for the price of one. Turn these maroon tights inside out for a deep berry hue, or opt for purple-violet or gray-black. The gym OOTD options are endless.Available at, $45. New Balance Accelerate Capri Photo: New Balance Whether you're an early bird or an after-work warrior, these are the leggings for you. The flash of reflectivity on the front and back makes them a good choice for low-light runs, while the drawcord waist makes it easy to dial in the fit, no matter your body type.Available at, $44.99. Aerie Move Legging Photo: Aerie The color-block pattern on these leggings is not only super stylish but also super flattering. Did we mention they come in a range of sizes, from XXS to XXL?Available at, $19.98. VS Sport Everywhere Capri Photo: Victoria's Secret This cropped legging lives up to its name. You can top them off with a workout tank to hit the gym or an oversize cable-knit sweater and boots for a cute and casual look. Available at, $34.50. Asics Essentials Tight Photo: Asics Everyone needs that go-to pair of basic black tights for running or training. These are yours. They'll match nearly everything in your workout drawer, and the full-length leg offers a little extra coverage and warmth when temps start to drop. Available at, $39. H&M Sports Tights Photo: H&M When you can make a fashion statement at your favorite studio class, it's a win. But don't be surprised if you feel tempted to wear these floral tights long after the gym. They're that cute. Available at, $24.99. GapFit gFast Performance Cotton Hybrid Capris Photo: Gap Get the look and feel of comfy sweatpants in a fitted legging. Although we wouldn't recommend these for extra-sweaty workouts, they'll be your new favorite pair for low-intensity exercises like a brisk walk or your favorite barre class. Available at, $42.95. RBX Active Color-Block Yoga Leggings Photo: RBX Active Did we mention color-blocking was in? What's cool about this pair is the mesh outer pockets on each side, so you have a safe place to stash your phone and small essentials when you're on your way to namaste. Available at, $34.99. Plus-Size Fila Sport Maui Workout Leggings Image: Kohl's Turn heads with a bold, eye-catching print. The supportive performance spandex makes these perfect for medium- to high-impact exercise, while the high-rise waistband sits comfortably at your natural waist. Available at, $32.40. Forever 21 Active Mesh-Paneled Leggings Photo: Forever 21 Look, we never thought we'd be shopping at Forever 21 after college either. But the truth is: It's a good place to nab a trendy piece for less. Mesh panels and heather knit are hot right now, so grab these leggings for a designer-inspired look without dropping designer-level dollars. Available at, $22.90.

SeaWorld penguin receives customized wetsuit

 Guests who are looking to visit Antarctica at "Empire of the Penguin" at SeaWorld will soon note that one of the penguins stands out from the others.

The penguin is wearing her own wetsuit. Maria Barreto, a wardrobe craftsperson, created a wetsuit for the penguin. Not only did the female penguin look stylish, but she looked very comfortable and excited as she swam side to side underwater.

"I'm happy that everything is going OK, and they approved that she can wear this to keep her warm,” Barreto said.

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The penguin is wearing a wetsuit because she has lately experienced feather loss on the side of her body and on her back, which can also affect penguins in their natural habitats and wild populations, officials at SeaWorld said.

Because of this heartbreaking experience that the penguin was facing at the time, the penguin had a hard time controlling her body temperature. The new suit will keep her warm in the water and wherever she goes.

She can also sleep and eat with her fellow penguins while wearing the suit, SeaWorld said.

SeaWorld officials said they enjoy using everyday technology to care for each and every animal.

T.J. Dray, an aviculturist at SeaWorld, said he hopes to use the wetsuit for other animals who have experienced situations like the female penguin.

"We care for each of these penguins individually. So being able to make that kind of a difference for her is really cool,” Dray said.

Photos: Animals and their pumpkins

Family receives 'sign from doggie heaven' after pet's death

Catie Callaghan said that her family pet, Bandit, was a "very good dog."

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"We were his fourth home, and we always talked about how we never gave up on him," she told BuzzFeed News.

She said Bandit was "loved by everyone."

But after undergoing multiple surgeries, Bandit had to go back for another -- his 15th procedure. At the end of the surgery, the 15-year-old dog died.

Callaghan and her family were devastated, but two days after Bandit died, they got a sign from "doggie heaven."

"So my 15-year-old dog passed away two days ago," Callaghan wrote on Twitter. "My mom found his bowl like this tonight. Doggie heaven does exist. Love you, Bandit."

A picture showed water in the dog bowl in the shape of a smiley face.

"The bowl was a sign that he’s happy," Callaghan told BuzzFeed. "We even thought the smile looked like his. It was a God wink."

More than 30,000 people liked the tweet.

"It warms our hearts and makes us feel good about it," Callaghan said of the support that she and her family have received.

Frats Ban Parties to Stop Sexual Assault, but Ragers Aren’t the Problem

In response to two reports of sexual assault at the University of California, Berkeley, fraternities and sororities banned social events in their on-campus houses. These parties—really any event with alcohol—are off limits until the Greek system comes up with a new strategy to thrwart sexual assault. Check out the message from Berkeley's Interfraternity Council: This isn’t the first time a university has targeted drinking culture in response to sexual assault allegations. After the Brock Turner case, Stanford changed its alcohol policy, banning hard liquor at parties on campus. UVA did the same thing following an alleged gang rape. These bans are well-intentioned, but they suggest alcohol and partying are the reasons sexual assault happens on college campuses. They're not to blame, and these policies ignore the real problem. Too many students don't understand consent, or they feel like they are entitled to have sex with someone whether or not the other person wants to (or even has the capacity to consent). We’re not saying there’s an easy answer here—comprehensive sex education discussing consent is a good start. Axing parties on campus frats, however, is just a Band-Aid solution, and the unfortunate reality is students will find other ways to have alcohol-fueled parties. If universities are serious about stopping sexual assaults, they need to address the underlying issues.

200 items
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